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12 Dreadful Website Redesign Mistakes Your Company Should Avoid
Website Redesign Mistakes

12 Dreadful Website Redesign Mistakes Your Company Should Avoid

by | Jun 25, 2022 | Website Design | 0 comments

With the advent of new technology daily, it is essential to keep up with the latest web designs and trends. Your business can have a significant downside if your website has become outdated and lacks a professional touch. Thus you should consider redesigning your website regularly depending on the popularity and traffic. But redesigning your website might be tricky, and you should consider many things to avoid any backlash. 

Website redesigning is tough if you are not aware of the redesigning process. It can also lead to a lot of problems. For example, your page ranking may decline after redesigning your website because Google finds it difficult to read the new code regularly. It makes the website’s visibility goes down. Hence, it becomes easy to know the website’s technicalities beforehand and take care of every detail. Below are the twelve website redesign mistakes that your company should avoid.

Not Making The Website Responsive And Not Setting The Final Goals

It is better to begin with the development part since it is personal to the organization. A responsive website is much more than you can ever imagine. For example, think of a case when the buttons of your brand’s website scale down when someone visits the website from a mobile screen. It becomes so small that the user’s finger accidentally presses the wrong button. 

Many such instances will let you come across such circumstances when working on a big website. And the developer needs to know how to deal with them. More than 52% of the traffic comes from mobile devices that shop more frequently using a smartphone. Therefore it is essential to scale down everything so that your users have a great experience. When redesigning your website, make sure that your website remains responsive across all devices. 

Redesigning a website is not an easy task when you already have an old website that has been around for some time and wants to make a few alterations. Firstly you need to figure out why you are redesigning your website or your goals behind that. It will help you to consider ways of achieving the goals. 

For example, it is a good idea if you want to improve navigation on the site or add some latest features. But, it is also essential to make sure that the new features have a purpose on your website and will deliver the outcomes that you desire. The ultimate goal of redesigning your site is to improve its overall usability and look. But this is not something that you can achieve overnight. It requires proper time, planning, and research before making any alterations. Optimization is also an ongoing process that comes into play after you make any alterations. 

Setting your final goal of website redesigning will achieve two significant results. Firstly it will help understand the process and divide the workload to separate teams. Secondly, it will give a clear perspective on things. 

Not Chalking Out An Effective Redesign Strategy

A step-by-step strategy for planning changes in your website design starts from analyzing the present design and finding flaws. A website design must be according to your target audience. Therefore, the next step will be moderating the design according to your potential and current client’s needs. It is always advisable to notice what your competitors are doing and assess their strategies to implement effective mechanisms. It is also essential to understand that website redesign is monotonous and challenging and needs a lot of pre-planning. 

Not Deciding On The Technology To Use

Using the most suitable technology and framework is never an easy task because there are lots of options to choose from in the market. However, with a transparent and adequately brief design from your end, you can quickly figure out what kind of technology will be suitable for your needs. 

Most Of You Avoid Shopify Customization

Many businesses have a Shopify store and expect it to generate considerable revenue or boost sales. But in reality, there are not enough sales. It is simply because you are not practicing Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Shopify customization in Florida is necessary to rank your website higher on search engines. It will let audiences know about your website, and your site will also have maximum engagement. 

Not Paying Adequate Attention To The Content

In most cases, the blunder you make when you are redesigning a website is ignoring the content that influences the entire core of your website design. The approach must be to develop lead-oriented content that focuses on the customers’ demands. People will develop an attraction to your website if that excites them. A website design should be to enhance and compliment your content rather than take the limelight away from it. 

Not Simplifying The Website Design

Simplicity is the new trend in website design these days. This will encourage audiences to stay attentive and increase the average time on the page. Always avoid putting too much information on the front page. At the same time, the navigation bar should be simple and divided into categories. Overall keep the design simple and make users feel confident and engage them with your website.

Not Calculating The Overall Redesign Budget

The first step of a website redesign starts with finding the right time to proceed. Website redesigning involves two ways. The first one is difficult, consumes more resources, and requires few changes. The second one is simple and requires less cost but continuous work to fulfill all alterations. Hence it is essential to decide on a budget before finalizing anything. 

Not Optimizing The Website Design For Lead Generation

In recent times Business to Business (B2B) companies have been coming to the forefront by initiating redesigning projects on their websites. It helps to establish the brand’s credibility. This is helping them to convert casual visitors into potential customers who are willing to invest in their products and amenities. However, neglecting to redesign your website that will generate leads for your business is one of the main mistakes to avoid. Since the primary agenda of the content is to drive traffic, it is vital to know the demands of your audience. 

Not Having A Realistic Launch Date

Significant mistake business owners make while creating a website is not having a realistic launch date. It is advisable not to make this mistake. It is also possible that many a time, you will miss the launch date due to time constraints. Hence give yourself some extra time, just in case you need to make some sudden changes as it will delay your launch date. 

Not Analysing Previous Version Analytics And Feedback

You will get a complete report about analyzing a website with analytics services. One of the most famous examples is Google Analytics. Analytics will help figure out your website’s strong and weak points. This is another critical aspect of website redesigning. When you create a website for the first time, you can’t know what type of visitors will visit your website or what people expect from your website. A thorough analysis will help you know and understand your audiences regarding the functional areas and improvements to your website’s design for a better user experience. 

Not Deploying After The Initial Launch

Another common challenge for a website redesign is the ability to keep a track record of analytics and feedback. With time and technology, the perception of every people keeps changing. Therefore, optimizing and modifying your website is crucial for better user engagement. You should always keep an eye on the feedback and work on the areas that need improvement. 


Having a functional and well-designed website is mandatory. But in today’s world, nothing is permanent, and so is your website design. With the advent of new technologies and trends, the life of a website reduces incredibly. As the website is the face of your brand, it needs to meet up the expectations of the market. But only redesigning the website is not the solution. You should avoid common mistakes while redesigning your website to prevent a disaster.


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