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Elevating Your Brand with Premium Web Design Features
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Elevating Your Brand with Premium Web Design Features

by | Dec 9, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Website Design | 0 comments

A website is more than just a representation of your business online. Today, websites play an integral role in developing a superior brand identity. Have you ever questioned why some websites look superior to others? The quality does not come easily. It calls forth the need for a lot of hard work and planning for strategically implementing creative ideas.

Technology plays a key role here. But how would you know which technology is a perfect fit for developing your website? That is where it requires the skills of people who strive to offer the best services in making the websites lively and attractive. As a leading provider of premium web design services, here we have come up with some creative web design ideas. Get inspired and apply your own to create a great website for your business which will help you stand out from the crowd.

  • Typography

Using typography offers uniqueness in promoting businesses. The different fonts used in websites offer different outlooks and images. Certain typography makes your website appearance fun-filled. Some typography offers serious vibes. Some of them make the website just like any other professional website. Some offer distinct identities. So, which image of your website do you prefer to choose? Under the premium web design services offered by reputed web design companies, you can choose different fonts as per their guidance.

Whilst a single font can change the outlook of the website, you must consider the compatibility of the font in different browsers and devices. If the font is not supported in certain browsers, accessing the website through those browsers will make it look dull and awry.

  • Engaging and Responsive Images

An image can do all the talking! It is the image that attracts the attention of individual visitors. They do read but a good picture perfectly depicts what your brand is all about. An image can easily motivate users to scroll down to know more. It omits the need to put a CTA text for that.

That is why businesses demand premium web design services to make the website different from the ordinary. We invest considerable time and money to source the best image for your website, which are relevant, appropriate, and visually engaging enough to entice consumers in developing an interest in your products and services. It surely elevates the brand and offers a unique identity.

  • Background Videos

Interesting videos about your company’s products and services eliminate the need for high-volume texts and images. It attracts more visitors as people find it entertaining to watch videos. So, think about how interesting it will be if your website showcases such an engaging video on the front page. Yes, it will require high internet speed and considerable mobile space. Failure to access these facilities will keep the users waiting for successful loading.

But, this feature is offered to assume that your target segment will have access to high internet speed and other necessary facilities. Today, users are familiar with Reels, Shorts, and other social media videos offering different engaging content. So, there is already a consumer base in the industry interested in watching different short videos. If your website can cater to this niche efficiently, you will get a better chance to enhance click-through rates and an extended stay on your website.

  • Speed Optimization

Google uses page loading speed as a ranking factor for mobile searches and Google Ads. As per Google statistics, with an increase in page loading speed of 10 seconds, the visitor bounce rate increased by 123%. This is why we create websites with high loading speeds for all customers. We follow different techniques to optimize the size of images, texts, files, and others so that browsers can promptly respond to access and upload necessary details through the links.

Speed optimization plays a crucial role when the website hosts different types of images. The scenario can be best described with the instances of eCommerce websites that require uploading different product images. We prefer using JPEG images over PNG images so that it offers the best balance between speed and quality. We also compress images and files to consume less space while users access the website. We understand that a fast loading of websites offers users high accessibility and comfort while browsing and we put every effort to optimize the web loading speed.

  • White Space

Initially, it was considered that white space offers websites a blunt look. But, today, it is used to separate various noisy elements from the main aspect of the website. Suppose you have used a background video or beautiful image in the banner of the website. You must surround the space with considerable white space so that the video or the image gets high importance and attracts visitors’ attention.

The development of a website requires a lot of strategic planning. Although there is no particular benchmark for deciding what amount of white space is perfect for a website, you can expect to receive the perfect design when you access premium web design services from providers like us at Martkethix.

The quality and value of the website depend on how users perceive it. They do not want to be lost in a chunk of texts and links. The white space comes as a savior to designers to make the design highly user-friendly, well-organized, and attractive.

  • High-Quality Product Images

Whether it is an eCommerce or business website, images significantly offer superior design and views. That is where your website becomes distinctive from the rest of the others if you access high-quality product and service images.

In many cases, offering the right image omits the need to use any text or graphics to communicate necessary information. The images play a significant role in enhancing the website’s brand value. Without good images, enhancing brand positioning and attracting viewers to browse the website is impossible.

  • Card Design

With the increased popularity of Pinterest, Instagram, and other similar sites, the popularity of using card-based templates is on the rise. In this type of template, different blocks of images are used, which expand when users click them. It replaces the need to use a large array of texts to convince users of certain aspects. It makes the home page look clean and formatted. The interesting images keep the users engaged in browsing more throughout the website.

The cues offered by images allow users to recall the website later. It is the best way to create a unique brand identity for websites that lasts longer than ordinary websites. But the card design template makes it obligatory that the website is responsive so that images fit the size of the device and arrange themselves properly.

  • Mobile Friendly Layout

Mobile device traffic accounts for 54% of all web traffic available worldwide. If you do not make your website mobile friendly, you will lose around half the traffic. Our premium web design services offer a mobile-friendly website, which makes the website compatible with any device.

The same website accessed through desktops and mobiles will offer similar visibility and services. It will not become distorted. However, the website will be resized to fit into different pixel sizes of mobile screens or other devices such as Tablets.

These are some of the key features of website design that help to offer a superior presentation to the website. It enhances the visual features, accessibility, user-friendliness, and other factors of the website, which make the website special compared to other websites. The image quality, texts, videos, and overall design speak a lot of attributes of the website that are otherwise unavailable. That is where the significance of premium web design services lies. If you prefer distinctiveness over ordinary, you must opt for something different that others don’t.


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