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Google’s New Local Search Guidelines: What You Need to Know
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Google’s New Local Search Guidelines: What You Need to Know

by | Oct 11, 2022 | Digital Marketing | 0 comments

Google changes its search algorithm from time to time. It impacts the operations of large, medium, and small-scale businesses. The most impacted segment of the google algorithm is a vast number of small and medium-scale businesses which depends on google search result. Google has become so much access that many local businesses depend on its operations intricately. They list their businesses on google. The users visit the search engine and place a search query. Based on the search query, Google shows the list of relevant businesses. The users find necessary information from this search result and show their intention to purchase the service from the business. This way google has created an ecosystem that benefits local businesses. This article discusses various aspects of Google’s new local search guidelines. Read below to know more.


Location Verification


Once you update your business details, you will be asked for verification. You have to verify the email ID, phone number, and address. The email ID must be liked with your business details. The phone number must be registered with the business. The address is verified by the Postcard method. In this process, you are required to choose the right zip code, state, city, and other information as asked by Google. If you fail to verify the location of your business, Google will not create a synergy of business identity across various Google platforms such as Google Maps, Google Search, and Google Products. It will be difficult for any individuals to find you on Google. As a result of that, you will lose a potential business opportunity.


Business Hours Update


Google allows businesses to update their business hours correctly. The businesses must identify daily opening and closing hours. They must also mention holidays, weekly off days, and any other changes in business hours. This is a way to make people aware of the time they will find the business accessible. This way the local people will be able to join you and purchase the products or services from you. The present Google algorithm is based on information. The more information you will provide to Google, the more favorably it will act on you. Apart from this, updating business hours perfectly in Google is an additional service you are offering to your customers which will benefit you also.


Managing and Responding to Reviews


Google reviews play a key role in ranking any business. The more review the higher ranking it would offer. However, you must put effort to respond to the reviews. The new Google algorithm takes note of that. If you leave the reviews non-responded, you will not get a high rank in google searches. Alternatively, if you respond to each of the reviews, it will increase the number of comments in your google business listing profile. More comments will certainly prove your business profile is healthy and updated.


Adding Photos


Today Google algorithms can understand photos. The more photos you would provide in your Google business profile listing, the more favorable the algorithm will act for you. If you verify your Google business listing rightly, your customers will also be able to upload your business photos. This will increase the number of photos in your business profile.


It will help the customers to expect the quality of services and atmosphere within your business setup. They will respond favorably if they find the location meets their expectation. It will promote them to visit your business and purchase services or products. You will be able to generate higher revenue for your business.


Adding In-Store Products


The best part of adding photos is promoting your products and services through good-quality images. If you are operating a retail outlet, you can easily showcase your products with pricing information. The Google business image will be used as showcasing your product catalog. Interested individuals can give likes, and comments and share the images. This way you will be able to promote your business operations.


Impact of Relevance


Google is all about data and information. It is regarded with high prestige because of its accuracy in offering necessary information with optimum ease. Google looks out for relevant data based on any searches placed by users. These relevant data are showed up in the search result. Therefore, your digital marketing agency must be skillful enough to describe all the relevant information in a google business profile account. It not necessarily be filled with populous keywords to rank high on the search result page. Rather, the information must be relevant and exact to your business operations. It will help the users to develop a clear frame of visualization before visiting the place personally.


Suppose, your business is located in Florida and it develops an android app. You must be able to offer a clear description of all the services provided, the details of the company, the key business operations, and other necessary details. It will not only help the customers to understand your business value but also categorize your business favorably. This process will help you find customers and grow your business.


Impact of Distance


Google algorithm would show the businesses which are far from your location if the businesses are effective enough to meet your demand. If you do not mention your location in terms of distance and axis, Google will track all the relevant information available to locate your business if it finds the business effective. That much is the power of tracking businesses in terms of distance.


So, you can rest assured that the chances of finding your business will not be highly favorable just because you are located near the search location. Your Google business profile must have all the necessary and required information to track your business without much effort. This way you will be able to enhance your accessibility.


Impact of Prominence


The prominence represents the degree of being well-known in the locality. Google’s algorithm uses prominence as a key factor in offering a high google ranking in local search rank. Therefore, your digital marketing agency must be able to develop necessary blogs, content, infographics, and other information which will offer your business higher backlinks, comments, shares, reviews, feedback, and other interaction on the online platform. Thus, the new Google guidelines have ensured that google’s business profile will take an integrated approach in offering to rank to the businesses.


This way it makes the process more challenging to get a higher ranking in local search results. However, the process is not that much difficult yet. If your business follows all the Google norms as per the new algorithm, then you would find a favorable chance to generate more revenue through your business by listing it in your Google business profile.


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