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How To Customize BigCommerce Stores Design?
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How To Customize BigCommerce Stores Design?

by | Jun 13, 2022 | BigCommerce

Due to rapid changes in technology, eCommerce is now the fertile ground for merchants worldwide. It makes them approach more clients and sell more products. And in the era of online marketplaces, BigCommerce is one of the top priorities. It gives confidence to owners to sell products on various platforms. On the other hand, merchants on BigCommerce have access to lots of features in terms of marketing, SEO, inventory management, and professional themes. With all these, their business on BigCommerce reaches a higher level. Customers learn about products and services professionally, which also leaves a better impression in their minds.

Similarly, it cannot also be denied that BigCommerce is the perfect place to sell your products on online platforms. But do you know how to start selling on Big Commerce? How to create a BigCommerce store with colors of your choice? These are the common questions that business owners ask. Here we will let you know about the steps to customize your BigCommerce store, the different ways to do it, and many more.

Design A BigCommerce Store Using a BigCommerce Theme

Before adding or selling products, it is necessary to create a beautiful yet professional store theme that plays a critical role in promoting the purchase of the merchandise. Therefore, the first page of the business journey on BigCommerce is to design a store theme. You have to implement many steps to start planning a store theme on BigCommerce. You can select suitable themes, upload third-party store themes, install theme pages, and customize the store theme.

A responsive design is mandatory for any eCommerce website. It ensures that your audiences and customers will have a transparent and smooth shopping experience regardless of their devices. Also, the design of your store needs to be suitable for your market niche. Or else a multipurpose theme can also be a great option since it can work well in almost all niches. Similarly, customization is also crucial for BigCommerce stores. It enables users to design their store as per their desire, trying to create their color in the customers’ mindset. An easily customizable theme enables business owners to easily integrate their brand with the third-party platform. Also, BigCommerce customizations include blogging tools in the online store theme. Online stores need to increase their visibility on the internet, express themselves, and provide value to clients. It makes their stores come to audiences’ minds during shopping. Hence, a theme with blogging tools will greatly support businesses, and it will enable them to rank high in search engines.

Import The Store Theme for Third-Party BigCommerce

Once you select the suitable theme for your store, make sure to purchase it, download the zip file to your desktop and start setting a design for your online store. After downloading the zip file, extract it, and you will get a theme folder and a document folder in the file. The theme folder needs users to upload it on the BigCommerce site.

Install BigCommerce theme pages

There are many store themes on BigCommerce, such as shipping, return, blog pages, and contact. Therefore, when you want to alter the themes, click on the Storefront section and select Web Pages. Click on the page name, and you will get the chance to edit the page. You can now easily change the text and place it anywhere you want. In the latest options, developers can also import SEO information for the page and handle its appearance present in the navigation menu. After everything is ok, you need to select Save to save all the alterations and exit. You can also create additional pages other than the default pages if you feel like by choosing Create Pages. You also need to upload content, set up SEO options, and analyze how the pages will appear in the visitor’s view from the navigation menu.

Customize The BigCommerce Theme

There are four main steps to customizing a BigCommerce store. They are:

  • Customize the store theme
  • Upload the brand’s logo
  • Edit the homepage carousel
  • Add the brand’s social media account

Finally, you need to save the changes when you complete your task.

Customize BigCommerce Store with The Page Builder

One of the popular ways to customize a BigCommerce store is with the help of a page builder. With its help, users can create and edit their websites with ease. If you do not know to code, you can still easily design the BigCommerce storefront by offering the drag and drop visual solution.

Customize BigCommerce Stores Through Design Mode

Design mode is the most straightforward tool that helps in BigCommerce customization of stores. It allows users to make any alterations to their stores with just a few clicks. Like Page Builder, Design mode helps merchants edit their stores with the drag and drop tool. They can move items to another place or page or discard them within a few seconds. But this tool also has one disadvantage. It has limits in its features. It only can rearrange and get rid of the items. There are no more features of Design mode. It is perfect for someone looking for a tool to reorder or remove objects on the page.

Customize BigCommerce Store Design with Quick Edit

With quick edits, business owners will be able to create convenient and beautiful online stores to help the customers have a good shopping experience. Quick edits provide users with different functionalities and features other than moving and discarding items. Most of the experts use a stylesheet editor, which allows making changes to the CSS of all the template files of the store’s theme.

Customize BigCommerce Store With FTP

There is nothing complicated in changing a store theme if you know what to do. With elementary changes, Page builder or Design mode is the smart option. But when you need to deal with advanced or complex issues, your preferences should be Quick Edit. But there are not all things you can do with BigCommerce stores. There is a unique tool to customize the stores. It is the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). It enables users to make a few alterations that they cannot compete with the other three tools.

Design Suggestions to Make a Great BigCommerce Store

Here is some design advice that will help create an attractive BigCommerce store. They are:

  • Upload high-quality images
  • Prioritize contrasting colors for the buttons on the store
  • Check the responsiveness of the theme
  • Arrange your store correctly and neatly
  • Activate quick view mode


In short, if you have a good start, it will be great for your store in the coming days. It will help to increase your sales and attract more customers. A suitable theme is a perfect start for any BigCommerce store. And with a few BigCommerce customizations, you will be able to stand out in the market, attract more audiences, and increase the conversion rate.


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