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How to Gain Customer Trust from Online Marketing

How to Gain Customer Trust from Online Marketing

by | May 25, 2023 | Digital Marketing, digital marketing agency

In today’s fiercely competitive market, businesses are grappling with the challenge of standing out and captivating consumers. The key to securing a customer’s loyalty and continued patronage lies in building a foundation of trust. Trust is a vital factor that underpins purchase decisions, whether it’s a cutting-edge electronic gadget, a life-saving medical device, stylish shoes, or delectable food.


Traditionally, trust has flourished in brick-and-mortar retail establishments, where customers can engage with products firsthand. They relish the opportunity to touch, feel, and try on items, compare options, and seek advice from knowledgeable sales staff. However, replicating this tangible experience online poses challenges for a digital marketing agency.


Therefore, gaining customer trust in the digital realm necessitates a distinct set of tools, including establishing positive associations with values such as quality, price, customer service, and social responsibility.


Why is Customer Trust Important?


Consumer trust is paramount. Factors such as quality, value, convenience, and ingredients are decisive in shaping their buying decisions. Trust is not a one-time transaction; it profoundly impacts customer loyalty. In fact, 67% of customers claim that while a positive reputation may facilitate an initial purchase, their continued patronage hinges on their growing trust in the company.


Trustworthy brands reap substantial rewards. Customers are 28% more likely to choose trusted brands as their first option, and they exhibit 33% greater loyalty towards these brands. Furthermore, they become ardent advocates, with a 27% higher propensity to promote the brand and a 21% inclination to defend it against critics.


Consumer trust is a hard-earned accolade. In fact, merely one in three individuals can confidently state that they trust most of the brands they buy or use. This highlights the importance of diligently cultivating trust to position oneself as a trusted ally in the eyes of consumers.


How to Gain Customer Trust Online?


In today’s digital era, consumer trust plays a vital role in making a brand successful. Quality products and customer service is paramount, but equally important is the brand’s ability to convey trustworthiness, especially in the online realm where people increasingly socialize, seek information, and make their daily purchases. To help brands gain customer trust online, here are a few valuable tips that should be incorporated:


Solicit Consumer Reviews


A staggering three-quarters of consumers consider customer reviews as a significant factor in determining their trust in a brand. Not only do consumers seek favorable reviews, but they also value quantity. To increase customer reviews, businesses should showcase them prominently on their website, provide a simple and quick review submission process, send sales-triggered emails requesting feedback, and reward reviewers with incentives like discounts, coupons, or gift cards. A digital marketing agency should also monitor social media for mentions and encourage satisfied customers to publish reviews, which can also boost consumer confidence.


Charge Fair Market Value


Over half of U.S. customers trust brands that charge fair market value for their products and services. It is crucial for businesses to strike the right pricing balance. Premium brands should avoid pricing themselves too high, as it may lead consumers to feel ripped off. On the other hand, some shoppers are skeptical of excessively low-cost items. Addressing pricing concerns directly, providing detailed invoices, offering price and feature comparisons, and implementing loyalty reward points can help establish trust in the brand’s pricing strategy.


Treat Customers and Employees Well


Consumers and employees alike place value on brands that demonstrate care and respect. By treating consumers well, promptly addressing customer service issues, ensuring data security, and treating employees fairly, brands can gain trust. Offering generous exchange and refund policies, extended return windows, prepaid shipping labels, and investing in employee benefits and workplace culture are effective ways to show care for both customers and employees.


Collect Actionable Insights and Optimize Strategy


Actively listening to customers’ insights and leveraging technology to create strategic changes is key to building lasting trust. Utilizing marketing platforms like Google Analytics 360 and CRM systems, brands can gain valuable consumer-related insights and personalize communications to better reach consumers throughout their buyer’s journey. Marketing automation and personalization techniques can enhance the quality of customer service interactions and create a more tailored experience.


Invest in a Website


You just need a strong web presence for building trust online. Surprisingly, a significant number of small businesses still lack a website, which can hinder consumer trust. Brands should invest in creating an informative, user-friendly website or at least maintain a robust social media presence. Designing the website for easy navigation, consistency in typography, colors, and imagery, addressing pain points through landing pages, maintaining a blog with informative posts, and incorporating testimonials, reviews, and case studies are crucial steps in establishing trust online.


Develop Engaging Multimedia Content


Short, punchy videos that showcase products, services, and company culture in action can significantly impact consumer trust. Videos offer a more personal and engaging experience. By creating unique, personalized videos and ensuring consistent branding across all channels, brands can enhance their online presence and the chances of gaining the trust of their target audience.


Final Words


Gaining customer trust can become a pillar on which your business will grow and sustain. Trust and goodwill can be viewed as intangible assets of a company that builds when you provide quality products and/or services while maintaining all the above factors as discussed above.


As a leading digital marketing agency, we always look forward to provide the best services to our customers by not only doing SEO and utilizing other digital marketing techniques but also developing a brand name and trust, which is so vital for businesses to stand out.


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