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Increase Your WooCommerce SEO Ranking with These Tips
eCommerce SEO in Florida

Increase Your WooCommerce SEO Ranking with These Tips

by | Jul 24, 2022 | Digital Marketing | 0 comments

WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce plugin for WordPress. The open-source nature of the website allows the users to make necessary changes based on their choice. WordPress is an SEO-friendly CMS. However, the users should take the additional initiative to make their e-Commerce sites more SEO-friendly. The article discusses a few tips which can boost WooCommerce SEO ranking.

Complete the General WordPress SEO

You can use SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO, All-in-One SEO, and others in WordPress to perform the primary on-page SEO. You just have to fill up some necessary details to use these plugins. The WooCommerec SEO experts must download the plug-ins and run them to perform the SEO setup.

Write Meta Description

The meta description is the text part below the URL which comes in a web search. The perfect size of a meta description is 160 characters. Use SEO-enriched keywords, call-to-action words, and catchy words in meta descriptions that will attract viewers to visit the website.

Write Product Title

ECommerce SEO specialists in Florida use well-researched keywords for the product title. It is the first thing the Goggle crawlers will take note of. The product title must be SEO-friendly. It increases the accessibility and ranking of the website. The product title must be unique and relevant.

Optimize Page Title

The use of keywords in the page title must be relevant. The page title will what the viewers will notice the first time they visit your website. The title should be SEO-friendly. The WooCommerce SEO experts must use the keywords properly in the page title.

Enable Breadcrumbs

To make WooCommerce SEO friendly, enable the use of breadcrumbs. The breadcrumbs are the text paths shown above on the eCommerce webpage indicating where you are on the website. It is the trail of page links that helps to easily navigate other pages within the same category.

For example, a breadcrumb in Men’s clothing page would look like Home>Clothing>Men’s Clothing. If users want to navigate to clothing, they can easily click on “Clothing”. The breadcrumbs help in the crawling of pages maintaining the correct parent-child relationship.

Use Product Categories

The use of proper categories and tags for listing products on the WooCommerce website is mandatory. It helps users to easily search for the products they are looking for. The tagging of products based on their characteristics makes it easier to sort searches when required. For instance, Men’s Clothing can be party wear, fashion wear, casual wear, and others. However, it comes under the clothing section.

Add Product Description

To conduct eCommerce SEO in Florida, product description is one of the most important addition to the overall content of the website. The use of the right keywords in product descriptions is necessary. The keywords should be specific to the products, size, price, types, and others while it must contain relevant keywords which would help to boost website ranking.

Check Broken Links

The presence of broken links on the website creates a deterrent to the progress of WooCommerce SEO. A broken link stops the search engine bots from crawling the website. Thus, it makes the website rank low on the search engine result page. Use necessary plugins to find and fix the broken links of web pages. It will help the website to rank high.

Optimize Website Speed and Performance

Slow loading of web pages increase the bounce rate. The users would not wait long for the loading of pages. If it takes time they will move to other websites to find what they are looking for. To increase the website speed, focus on properly using image compression and including images in the right format. It also helps in crawling the images smoothly. Thus, it increases the overall website rank.

Use Analytic

To conduct SEO operations effectively, eCommerce SEO companies in Florida use WordPress analytics to track the websites’ performance. Using this, they can easily identify if the SEO operations are successful or which strategies need changes. The analytics helps to identify the number of visitors, total page views in a day, location of visitors, time spent on the website, and others. Tracking these details regularly helps WooCommerce SEO specialists to frame the right strategy to continue SEO operations.

Therefore, the process of WooCommerce SEO requires various tips and tricks to follow. The tasks become simpler with a dedicated effort to monitor the progress of the SEO strategies. Following the above tips will help you to optimize your e-Commerce website for maximum visibility and enhanced rankings of your site.


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