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PR vs. Marketing: How are they Different?
PR vs Marketing

PR vs. Marketing: How are they Different?

by | Apr 13, 2023 | Digital Marketing | 0 comments

PR and marketing are the two wings of businesses. Together they soar to reach success! Well-established Digital Marketing agencies who have been in the industry would agree to their significance and recognize their high value in capturing the audience’s heart, driving demand immediately! Ever felt throttled upon the competitive pressure or manifested to reduce prices, limit production or cut back on marketing efforts? Nothing is more daunting than letting go of your business goals. Read the article if you are thinking of implementing PR and marketing strategies.


What are the aspects in which they differ?


● They differ in their objectives:


PR and marketing have different goals and function differently.


Have you ever heard of the weird concept that all squares are rectangles, but all rectangles are not squares?

Weird right?


Marketing focuses on promoting and selling products and services, while PR strategies are designed to build relationships and manage business reputation. If you observe, you realize that when making a reputation, the products and services are getting promoted as well.


Building a brand and strengthening the business’s reputation helps a long way and benefits the company in the long term. Customers view your brand as a trustworthy and reliable brand. A strong brand identity with a value embedded or a “responsible element” creates an emotional connection with customers. You get into the minds of your customers(or people unaware of your brand, too!) when you hit the nail on the head with PR strategies by showcasing the brand’s unique value and proposition.


Marketing strategies focus on advertising, content marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing. They include running ads, content, comments, and messages to suggest that potential customers are aware of their new launch or recommend they purchase.


● They differ in target audiences:


Marketing strategies are created to focus on potential customers. The PR strategies are focused on the stakeholders that, includes customers, investors, employees, and media. For instance, when a company faces a crisis, PR professionals meet up with the stakeholders and try to mitigate the damage and maintain trust with them. They might communicate the problem transparently and take measures to prevent it from being repeated.


PR professionals also engage with employees and show them how the brand works for a positive work environment. They engage with employees through newsletters, conduct social events, and utilize communication methods.


But the marketing strategies build the relationship between the brand and customers. Marketing professionals target and connect with customers through personalized marketing messages, social media engagement, content marketing, and effective customer services.


● They differ in tactics:


PR strategies involve the development of plants to manage events and situations that might grow negatively or create a negative reputation for the brand. Businesses partner with well-established influencers in the same niche to publicize their company, products, or services.


Another important way of engagement is social media engagement, which involves followers, and fans on the social media platform to build relationships.


Building community relations is another crucial PR tactic that helps promote positive brand perception. They hold press conferences, discuss their decisions and goals, conduct media events, and answer the questions asked by the journalists. Working live media discussions promote transparency and aid in quicker information dissemination. Ever recognized larger companies making sizeable shifts in the market?


They also conduct large gatherings, launch parties, and events to create a huge buzz with their influential attendee, which is shared in social media and press releases.


The marketing strategies revolve around creating and placing print or broadcast media ads to promote products and services. Marketing is all about promoting the brand, products, or services to the customers and telling/constantly letting customers learn about your products and values incorporated.


Even the slightest changes in how you promote the products can lead to dramatic changes and increase the response rate.


● They differ in measurement metrics:


The outcomes of PR strategies are measured by media coverage and stakeholder engagement. Companies conduct campaigns to measure their impact on brand awareness and reputation.


PR professionals evaluate their progress by manual social media tracking, clipping services, media monitoring platforms, and in-house social media tracking. Web analytics are some of the easier options for evaluating progress or output.


If your business is well-established in your domain, you should be selective in evaluating the media outreach; therefore, rather than featuring your business in small internet publications, target highly rewarding media engagements to get a significant impact.


Your media outreach shall be evaluated based on the potential readers of the publication and audience of the radio broadcast and quantify PR promotions.


The marketing strategies are evaluated using unique visits- the number of visits of a particular customer during a specific period, the number of page views, conversion rates, rankings of keywords, and so on.




PR and marketing strategies go hand in hand to acquire a positive reputation, create brand awareness, generate leads, and drive more sales. By understanding the differences between PR and marketing, you can now communicate the strategies to your teams and achieve business goals effectively! If you don’t pay much attention to streamlining or emphasizing PR and marketing strategies, you go at the risk of being overlooked by target audiences and decreased brand awareness, and reduced customer loyalty.


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