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Tips For Optimizing Your Ecommerce Site for Google Search
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Tips For Optimizing Your Ecommerce Site for Google Search

by | Aug 12, 2022 | Digital Marketing

The optimization of an eCommerce site for Google search makes the site favorable to be found easily with any relevant keyword. The more the site is favorable to be found on Google, the better the site is effective in generating leads. The process of optimization involves a lot of tricks to play. This article will discuss those tricks which would help the eCommerce site to be favorable for SEO in Florida.

  1. Use Keywords Based on Buyers’ Intent

If you search for any suggestive keywords, you can find many options to choose from. However, there are very few keywords that represent buyers’ intent. To clarify it more, a buyer is the one who is intended to buy a product or service. Therefore, he or she would place a search as “where to find the best restaurant?” “What is the price of the t-shirts?” These searches represent a buying persona which is a bit different from the search placed as “how would I look for best hotels?” The intention here is not to buy the services. The intention here is more about gathering information about services.

Therefore, if you want to make the eCommerce site favorable for generating business, you must use the keywords accordingly which would represent the intent of your target customers. Your business intention must match with the buyers’ intention to make the process effective.

  1. Use Long Tailed keywords

The long-tailed keywords are visible on the right side of the Google search result page. In contrast to short-tailed keywords, the long-tailed keywords depict buyers’ search intent. For an instance, “summer shoes” is a short-tailed keyword that is a mere description of a product and does not depict any intent. However, “best summer shoes available” is a long-tailed keyword. The keyword also depicts that customers want to search more and have not found anything suitable yet. It also shows that the customer wants the best products available with other constraints as applicable.

Using these keywords in eCommerce website content of blogs will make the website favorable to be found for these searches which have a high potential to generate business. However, these keywords mostly have low volume in terms of search metrics.

  1. Optimize Product Pages

SEO companies in Florida focus on optimizing the eCommerce site by improving product descriptions, images, and reviews. They focus on using crisp product descriptions using relevant keywords and adding CTAs. The product descriptions are improvised by using high-quality images. The key focus is set on using images of the right size and configurations. For each image, ALT tags and keyword enriched file names are used.

All these images and product details are incorporated effectively into the product page. It is the key page that generates a high level of conversion rate. However, to make the page more SEO friendly, the page also incorporates customer reviews. The reviews are considered the key aspects of the page which confirm its authenticity, credibility, effectiveness, and confidence in offering desired services.

  1. Enhance Site’s User-Friendliness

The more user-friendly the site is, the more it reduces the bounce rate and increases site accessibility. The SEO companies in Florida focus on ensuring that the eCommerce sites are mobile-friendly. It is also made sure that the sites take the least time in loading, the sites are clutter-free and the sites use consistent styling. These are the key tactics followed to ensure that users do not find any difficulty while navigating the website.

Apart from this, to make the website more user-friendly, it is mandatory to use a simpler URL. The URL must contain the keywords as meta tags. It helps the search engine to easily retrieve the website whenever any similar search is placed on the internet.

  1. Use Schema Markup

The schema markups are HTML tags that are used to help the search engine find the website through the product description, image, review, and others. It is effective for promoting eCommerce websites through PPC. The HTML tags use various keywords to devise rich snippets. These keywords are helpful to track the website when a PPC promotion is conducted. In eCommerce sites, five types of markup schema are used. These are product schema, review schema, product availability schema, video schema, and price schema.

The rich snippets of each of these schemas are used for their respective place. For instance, product schema is used for product description, review schema is used for customer review section, price schema is used for price description section, and so forth.

  1. Do not Overlook Slow Page Speed

For conducting SEO promotions in Florida for any eCommerce website, it is a prerequisite to notice the page loading speed of the website. A slow-loading page signals various issues on the website. Therefore, it is mandatory to take necessary actions such as compressing the files, optimizing images, deleting unnecessary content, deleting a few scripts, and other measures which fit appropriate. The key focus should be on enhancing the loading speed of the website. It will help reduce the bounce rate and increase the conversion rate of the website.

  1. eCommerce Content

If you want to increase traffic to your eCommerce website, it is always better to take the help of PPC promotions. However, if you want to generate leads through PPC promotion, you must focus on upgrading the quality of the content. It will help in achieving site engagement, customer conversion, higher reputation, increased SEO ranking, and other benefits. Without quality content, it is not feasible to make the overall eCommerce experience superior.

These are the few steps that are mostly used to optimize the eCommerce sites through Google search. How most eCommerce websites fail to follow basic measures as discussed here. As a result of that, the business dwindles to generate profit. If the process of optimization is followed minutely, it will ensure that the eCommerce site will be found based on the right keyword search at the top of the search page. This will go in the best interest of the company and increase its success and profitability of the company.


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