BigCommerce Customization

Do you want to experience the advantages of BigCommerce Customization? One of the essential advantages of choosing BigCommerce as the shopping cart platform is highly customizable without laying down the performance. BigCommerce Customization becomes highly important for retailers as they take full advantage of its native capabilities. Customization of the platform offers increased traffic, lower costs, heightened performance, and higher performance.

Why Is Customization Needed?

First impressions are always important and cannot be made the second time you watch them. It is imperative to grab the visitors’ attention to your website so that they can be converted into loyal customers. This is mainly obtained if you offer a customized, modern store that reflects the brand’s exclusivity. It is easy to modify the BigCommerce stores using web-based file editors with HTML functionalities.

Hire the experienced team of Markethix to make design changes, update, modify or improve the website’s functionality. Our team members are capable of customizing beyond the ordinary and render the eCommerce store a sure-shot winner in the eCommerce industry.

Markethix Offers A Lot Of BigCommerce Customization

Markethix offers a lot of BigCommerce customization services that include:


  • Adding Custom Features

Markethix customizes as per the wish list adding changes to functionality, designs, branding, navigation, or category. Our team does it all.


  • BigCommerce Design Customization

We perform the BigCommerce custom design and redesign for any customization of your eCommerce store.


  • BigCommerce Template Customization

Markethix works on custom BigCommerce templates, design, development, setup, and installation.


  • BigCommerce Theme Customization

We create customized themes that will be able to reflect your brand and its goals in the best way.

Markethix is capable of assisting you with all the BigCommerce customization requirements. Customization can range from web design, custom development, strategic marketing plans, and SEO. We provide a customized, efficient shopping cart solution.

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