Custom CMS Integration

Management system integration is not rocket science. CMS integration takes your existing website and simply brings your Content Management System without a complex monolithic solution.

It is the degree of freedom you are looking for to keep your tech stack of choice and still be able to enjoy the best of what a Content Management System has to offer. In other words, Custom CMS Integration helps add CMS capabilities to an existing website. It is essential to know more about it in practice, the actual points, ways to solve them, and how efficiently one can add a web content management system into a current project without rewriting everything from scratch.


Features Of A Good Management System Integration 

A good CMS integration should have:


  • Decouple the website from the data

Both the website and the data should coexist without having any connection. It means that the changes in one end should not affect the other end.


  • Allow easy integration

A simple Application Programming Interface will do the job. Make sure to call the API when inserting content from CMS into the app.

  • Reduced cost of change

If you change the underlying technologies to power up your application, having a Custom Management System will not impact the complexity of the alteration.


How Can One Integrate A CMS Into A Custom Web Application?

Integrating a CMS into a custom web application will depend on the CMS. You can already use extension/plugin architecture in the CMS in many cases. You can choose to connect between the CMS and application, only bypassing critical variables to the Content Management System.

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