Custom eCommerce Development

As per some experts, eCommerce sales will reach their peak by 2022. It is one of the fastest-growing and most important industries. Custom eCommerce development is the most pleasing way to create your online store. The demand for eCommerce stores is increasing daily. Customized website development offers uniqueness to the online store, reflecting your brand, representing the real you, and leaving a great impression on the users. Customized websites play a crucial role. They give the website an attractive look and make it exceptionally functional with some great functionalities and features created according to your needs and requirements with the business goals.

Markethix will let your experience the advantage of your customized website development. Your website’s sales will increase tremendously, and you can witness your business grow with a custom eCommerce website.


Aim Of A Custom eCommerce Website Development

A customized eCommerce website aims to build a website that can fulfill each specific need of users worldwide. It also helps create brand awareness, implement the business strategy and set up your identity. However, creating a fantastic customized website requires many skills, effort, and time. It never happens overnight. A team of highly skilled experts can develop and design an eye-catching online store with various functionalities and features that will serve the audience’s interest.


Steps To Build A Custom eCommerce Website

Building an eCommerce website is a detailed and involved process. The below checklist will let you know about the proper steps to get the website launched at an appropriate time. Here are the steps to build your dream eCommerce website successfully:


  • Domain Name

The initial step in creating your website is to have a domain. You need to select a name carefully that will perfectly fit your brand identity or simply take a domain name similar to your organization’s name.


  • Hire A Developer

It is a crucial step in building your eCommerce site. A good developer can create an excellent website for your brand. Therefore it is vital to hire a skilled and experienced developer. Make sure to go through the developer’s previous work to let you know about their proficiency. Choosing an incapable developer can put your brand in trouble and affect the growth of your business.


  • Get your brand registered

For a legitimate business, it is essential to get your business a proper registration and get the vendor’s license. It will help keep you away from any needless issues in the future.

  • Choose an eCommerce and website hosting platform

Choosing an eCommerce platform for advanced and faster web development is better. Some renowned eCommerce platforms will allow you to develop and design a great website in a short time. These platforms make it simple to integrate payment processing, plugins, etc.


  • Take Your Website Live

Once you have created your website’s homepage, about us, and a contact page, you can easily make it live even before listing your products or services. It is crucial to be a functional site. Taking it to live in the initial stages will help build legitimacy during the negotiating deals with vendors. Also, you can reach out to bloggers and reporters.


  • Get A Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is an essential feature of an eCommerce website as it helps in accepting debit and credit card payments. Credit card processor and payment gateway approval is not a very easy process. You will be required to set up the checkout process, prepare a return policy and privacy policy on the website, choose your delivery and shipping methods, and have a customer service contact number and email address. Installing the credit card processing and payment gateway takes time.


Development Process Of eCommerce Website

The website development process might be confusing to most of you, but it is equally essential to be aware of it. Therefore if you are planning to hire a web development company to develop your website, you must have a clear idea of how your project will be. Here is a general development process for you:


  • Understand the needs of your clients

The first and foremost step in developing your website is to assess and understand the unique needs of your business that will help you create a solution that you are actually looking for. Each of the companies is different, and the targeted audiences also have other states, languages, and locations. A customized website helps to take care of all the concerns of the specific user group. A unique eCommerce solution will help build a robust foundation and run your business seamlessly.


  • Thorough research is essential

Each business is extraordinary, and so are its needs. Therefore a lot of research and collecting information about the company is vital to be able to create a perfect solution. For example, an eCommerce store of online grocery is different from a women’s outfit store. To create an engaging, powerful and innovative website, it is crucial to perform thorough research and analysis of the market, target audience, and competitors and understand the website’s goal.


  • Perfect Planning

Once your research is over and you have a great idea about the market and goal of the business, a perfect plan will show you the route towards the destination. Planning is based explicitly on the research that you have done. It will show a clear development roadmap that includes an estimated timeline, required resources, layout planning, wireframing, UI/UX, choosing the ideal technology stack, preparing the sitemap, etc.


  • Design

When the wireframes and sitemap are ready, it is time to design each website’s pages. A team of experts from Markethix creates the website using the chosen wireframes. Designing includes various tools such as graphics, typography, colors, drop-down menus, animations, buttons, and many more based on the website’s needs.


  • Development

The development process is divided into two parts, i.e., backend and frontend. The frontend builds the user interface, and the backend is the development of the server-side. The backend developers make the server-side application, database, etc.


  • Testing And Deployment

Markethix has a team of experts performing the testing of your website at different stages, each functionality, and feature being tested to ensure that it works seamlessly. Testing helps fix bugs in the development process, enabling developers to deliver an adequate, outstanding, and high-performance product.


  • Maintenance

Once you have delivered the product, developers still work on the feedback and provide the required maintenance and support. Providing immediate support is crucial to be able to work smoothly. Like any other development tasks, maintenance and support require changes, and frequent updates are also important.


Things To Remember Before Customizing An eCommerce Website

Many eCommerce websites generate high revenue. The below points you must consider when you enhance your eCommerce website design and launch a new one.


  • Opt For The Right Theme

The ideal theme is crucial when you want to enhance or build an eCommerce website. You can refer to an easy-to-navigate, user-friendly and functional design rather than a heavy, flashy or advanced design. Selecting an automatic layout helps the users browse your website’s products much more quickly. You can also make the website attractive yet straightforward by using impressive design and colors while making it easy to run and navigate smoothly.


  • Choose the correct platform

Choosing the right platform for the website is very important. As the demand for online shopping is increasing and almost all businesses nowadays have an online presence, there is also high competition. It is crucial to create a website that is interesting, engaging, and simple to use. Markethix can help to develop great websites easily and quickly.


  • SEO optimization

Search Engine Optimization is vital for developing your eCommerce website as it helps to improve the visibility on various search engines like Yahoo, Google, etc. It enables the website to show up in the search results. SEO includes different tasks, including content marketers, social media, etc.


  • Prioritize Security

In the era of tech advancement, hackers are smart enough to steal the data and safeguard the website. All the information and the user’s information must be secure, and you must have an ethical responsibility to keep the user’s data secure and safe. It is important to use SSL- Secure Sockets Layer to help you to encrypt the important information safely. Security measures are significant when you are accepting online payments.


  • Implement A Responsive Design

With the increasing use of mobile devices, responsive designs have become an integral development element. Responsive design helps the users access the website on mobile devices, desktops, or tablets and offers a fantastic experience.


Reasons to use Custom eCommerce Website Development

Customized eCommerce web development gives the ability to narrow the focus and deliver the website that executes specific functions and provides a good quality user experience to some unique intersection of users that will help form the target audience.

eCommerce platforms are an exciting option to many because they provide easy-to-use facilities. However, there are advantages associated with customized eCommerce websites. The main benefits of a customized eCommerce website are:

  • Business integration
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Unique processes
  • Search engine optimization
  • Customization


Consider Markethix For Customized eCommerce Development

Markethix knows what will be best for your business. The team of experts at Markethix will customize your brand’s eCommerce website as per the market trend and needs of the customer.

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