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Full Stack Development

Full Stack Development

Full-stack development refers to developing both backend and frontend portions of the web applications. The full-stack developers can design complete web applications and websites. They work on the backend, frontend, database, and debugging of web applications or websites.

Markethix is your fully trusted full-stack development company that can work remotely on any of your projects. Our full-stack developers can do every task for your project, whether developing, designing, or deploying.

Technology related to Full Stack Development

  • Front end

It is a visible part of a web application or website responsible for the user experience. The user can directly interact with the website’s frontend portion or web application. The frontend portion is built by using a few languages. They are:

  1. HTML- It stands for HyperText Markup Language. HTML is used to design the frontend of the web pages by using a markup language. It is a combination of Markup language and Hypertext. Hypertext is the link between the web pages, and markup language defines the text documentation within the tag, representing the web page’s structure.
  2. CSS- CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, a simply designed language. It intends to simplify the process of creating web pages. CSS also allows you to apply styles to web pages.
  3. JavaScript- It is a renowned scripting language used for creating the magic on websites. It makes the site interactive for the users and enhances the website’s functionality to run cool games and web-based software.



  • Frontend Frameworks And Libraries
  1. AngularJs is an open-source frontend Javascript framework primarily used to develop SPAs or single-page web applications. It is a constantly growing and expanding framework providing a better way to build web applications. It alters the static HTML to dynamic HTML. Being an open-source project, it can be freely used and changed by anyone.
  2. Js is an efficient, declarative, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It is a competent-based, open-source frontend library responsible for the application’s view layer. Facebook maintains React.Js.
  3. Bootstrap is an open-source and free tool collection for creating responsive web applications and websites. It is a renowned CSS, HTML, and Javascript framework for developing mobile-first, responsive websites.
  4. jOuery- It is an open source JavaScript library that clarifies the interaction between a CSS/HTML document and precisely the DOM- Document Object Model and JavaScript.
  5. SASS is the most mature, reliable, and robust CSS extension language. SASS extends the functionality of an existing CSS of the website, including everything from the inheritance, variables, and nesting with ease.
  6. Other frameworks and libraries are Foundation, Semantic-UI, Express.Js, Materialize, Backbone.Js, Ember.Js, etc.



  • Backend

It is the server-side development of the website or web application with the primary focus on how the website works. It helps manage the database through APIs and queries by the client-side commands. This type of website primarily consists of three crucial components: front end, back end, and database. The backend portion is built by using some frameworks, libraries, and languages as discussed below:

  1. PHP- It is a server-side scripting language designed for web development. Since PHP code is executed on the server-side, it is also called a server-side scripting language.
  2. C++- It is a programming language used nowadays for competitive programming. C++ is also used for backend languages.
  3. Java- It is a widely used and popular programming language and platform. Java is readily available and highly scalable.
  4. Python is a programming language that enables you to work quickly and integrate systems more efficiently.
  5. Javascript- It is used as both frontend and backend programming language.
  6. Js is a cross-platform and open-source runtime environment for executing JavaScript code outside a browser. It is crucial to remember that Node.Js is not simply a framework and a programming language. Most people become confused and understand it as a programming language or a framework. It is mainly used to build backend services like mobile or Web apps. It is also used in production by multinational companies such as Uber, Paypal, Walmart, Netflix, etc.
  7. Backend Frameworks- Some backend frameworks are Express, Rails, Django, Spring, Laravel, etc.
  8. The other backend programming languages are Ruby, REST, C#, GO.etc.

What Do Markethix Do As A Full Stack Developer?

Markethix plays a major role in full-stack development. It includes:

  • Front End development– we design engaging and beautiful frontend using frontend libraries like AngularJS, ReactJS, CSS, and many other technologies.
  • Backend Development– we have a team of fully experienced full-stack developers who are mastered at developing Microservices, RESTful API, and many more backend development services.
  • Database Design And Management- Apart from backend and frontend development, database design is essential for a full-stack developer. We have a team of great skilled developers.
  • Tools and Integration-Markethix has full-stack developers who integrate payment gateways, marketing tools, business tools, etc., to the client’s current system, enhancing the existing application.


Reasons To Choose Markethix For Full Stack Development Services

There are lots of reasons to choose Markethix for Full Stack Development Services. They are:


  • Experienced professional

We are expert and skilled full-stack developers eager to craft scalable and high-performing digital solutions easily.


  • NDA Policy

We know how crucial your project data is. Therefore we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement Policy. All our client’s data is not going anywhere from us.


  • Cost-effective

Our pricing structure is very moderate and fits almost every business. We don’t believe in overcharging our clients.


  • Support On-The-Go

We are always ready to answer any of your project-related queries via email, skype, or phone.

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