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Google Analytics Service

Google Analytics Service

Many famous brands’ websites have selected Google Analytics as their preferred Analytics platform. Markethix has also made a similar choice. We use Google Analytics on all the websites of our clients. It helps them get insight into their online marketing strategies. Markethix has team members who are Google Analytics certified.

Audit Services Of Google Analytics

Do you need a health check for your Google Analytics account? Markethix conducts a thorough Google Analytics audit to ensure no gaps or errors in data collection. Our expert Google Analytics certified team would audit the configuration, tracking code, conversion tracking, data integrity, and account linking.

Google Analytics Account Setup

The team of Markethix can help you with the proper setup and implementation of the latest and existing Google Analytics account. We make sure that the analytics account is configured correctly so that you can get the necessary business data. It will be needed in your data analysis.

Why Is Google Analytics Vital For Your Brand’s website?

Google Analytics will give you the perfect information necessary to shape your business’s success strategy. It helps to discover many things that you might not have known about your visitors earlier. In short, it allows you to understand the behavior of your visitors.

Google Analytics will help you to know:

  • Source of your visitors
  • Which geographical area has most of the visitors
  • Segment your customer base
  • Create and track effective campaigns
  • Check whether you are achieving goals or not
  • Find out which search item is bringing in more visitors
  • Study your competition
  • Understand the kind of content that is required
  • Reasons for bounce rate
  • Ideal social platforms to target 

Google Analytics Consulting Services

Do you need help in getting Google analytics to do more for your business? Our team at Markethix has Google Analytics experts who will talk to you to determine your business goals. We will be interpreting your existing data, recommending the ideal solution to the complete data across various websites, setting up conversion funnels, creating customizable reports, and many more.

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