Hybrid App Development

Do you want to create a mobile app but won’t spend a lot? A Hybrid Mobile App could be the next best thing for those who don’t want to spend the money on a native mobile app. Markethix installs the app on a personal computer, tablet, or smartphone and further connects users with the information they need in real-time. 

A vital component of a hybrid app’s functionality is its engagement level, with users using push notifications and other forms of communications as part of the user experience. Hybrid mobile apps combine native (iOS and Android) and web applications elements to deliver highly engaging, high-performing experiences in the device’s web browser. Markethix offers Hybrid apps with web application elements so that you can connect with a large number of users. 

Advantages Of Hybrid Apps

There are many advantages of Hybrid Apps. They are:


  • Hybrid App is a mobile application. The installation is on a device, operates like native apps, and contains web-like features such as saving into a native container, working offline, using offline data, and displaying web content from inside the application.
  • One of the tremendous benefits of Hybrid App Development is that developers can constantly update their products as Apple’s approval cycle does not apply. Think about it, if you release an app onto the App Store, it can take from 1 to 7 days to get approved by Apple. 


During this time frame, you will not be able to submit any latest versions. Hybrid apps give developers a great advantage as they can push out new updates the same day they hit the market or even while their app is still in preview mode with Apple.

  • Hybrid mobile app development is a new way of creating and designing apps for multiple mobile devices at once. This helps companies save time and money by not developing different versions of the same application for various operating systems. 

A Hybrid App works like any other mobile-friendly website that adapts to the size of the device’s screen. Hybrid applications are easier to maintain over time and provide more scalability opportunities.

  • Hybrid mobile apps contain the best of both worlds. A Hybrid mobile app is a more brilliant way to engage mobile users, from code reuse to a UI that changes depending on the platform.
  • Hybrid mobile application is faster and more accessible; it uses one core codebase and reduces development time and costs in iOS and Android mobile applications. 

Markethix creates hybrid applications keeping in mind that users will have a lot of engagement. With a faster application, we make sure that you can make changes or updates whenever you want. Our team looks after all the features of the applications and creates them as per the requirements of our clients. 


The Bottom Line 

In simpler words, Hybrid apps have full device access with medium to high performance. Markethix- a digital marketing agency in the USA, is constantly monitoring the Hybrid app’s performance and keeping track of the customer’s engagement. 

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