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React Js. is a JavaScript-based UI development library. Open-source developers and the Facebook community-run React Js. It is a library rather than a language and is used widely in web development. React Js. is the most commonly used frontend library for web development. It offers extensions for entire application architectural support, such as React Native and Flux.

Hire top-notch React Js. consultants from Markethix to transform your business flows. Build beautiful and awesome UI/UX with high-performing React Js. We have highly skilled and experienced React Js. developers.

Reasons To Choose React Js.

React Js. has become more popular nowadays than any other frontend development framework. Here are the reasons for you:

  • Easily create dynamic applications
  • Improved performance
  • Reusable components
  • Small learning curve
  • Unidirectional data flow
  • Used for developing both mobile and web applications
  • Dedicated tools for debugging
  • SEO friendly

Many businesses and organizations adopted React Js. because of the above-mentioned advantages that it provides.


Features Of React Js.

The amazing features of React Js. are:

  • JSX- It is a JavaScript Syntax Extension. It is necessary to use JSX in React development, but it is highly regarded.
  • Components- React is everything about components. Everything needs to be thought of as components, which will help in maintaining the code when the work is for large-scale projects.
  • Unidirectional data flow and flux- React executes a one-way data flow that makes it easy to reason about the app. Flux being a pattern helps to keep your data unidirectional.
  • License- React Js. is licensed under Facebook Inc.


React Js. Development Services By Markethix

React developers from Markethix have immense knowledge. Our team has acquired several skills while building web apps with React Js. The services that we offer as a leading React Js. development company include the below-mentioned list:

  • React Js. Web App Development

We quickly build powerful dynamic web apps with React Js. using available components. We are the best React Js. development company for your upcoming projects.


  • React Js. Frontend Development

React Js. is the perfect choice for frontend development. As soon as the new change is depicted, it evaluates the change between both versions. It also patches the updates on the real DOM- Document Object Model.


  • React Mobile App Development

React Js. from Markethix can build hybrid mobile applications, offering a better user experience with React native. Our team helps to develop applications that are faster to operate.


  • React Js. consulting

Being a renowned React Js. company, our team of developers provides online consulting services to help you find the best approach for your requirements. Our skilled developers are available 24*7 for any kind of assistance.


  • Support And Maintenance

The applications created by React Js. Development services require continuous support and maintenance. Hence, we are available to take care of your requirements.


  • Remote dedicated hiring

Being a leading React Js. development company, we allow our proactive and motivated developers to work for you remotely. You can trust our developers to scale your team, build products and grow your brand.

Choose Markethix For React Js. Development Services

We have been in the IT industry for many years, and our systematic approach to any project development is what attracts our clients the most. Our team provides round-the-clock service for your project. As the leading React Js. development company, our team builds high-powered applications that will take your business to new heights.


Node Js. Development Agency

Node. Js is a server-side platform built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript Engine. It helps to easily build fast and scalable network applications. Node.Js uses non-blocking I/O, an event-driven model that makes it efficient and lightweight, ideal for data-intensive and real-time applications that run across distributed devices. Node. Js is written in Javascript and can run within the runtime on Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux. It also provides a rich library of many JavaScript modules that simplify the development of web applications to a great extent.

Markethix is a trusted Node.Js Development service provider that provides customized NodeJs services worldwide. We design customized Node Js. solutions that are created as per the needs of the business purpose. We can power your backend with the robust Node.Js and unlock the true potential of your brand.


Features Of Node.Js

Following are some of the crucial features that will make Node.Js the first choice among the software architects:


  • Asynchronous and Event-driven

All the APIs of the Node.JS library are non-simultaneous, that is, non-blocking. It essentially depicts that the Node.Js never waits for API to return the data. The server instantly moves to the next API, and a notification helps the server to get the response from the previous API call.


  • Very Fast

Node.Js is built on Google Chrome and is extremely fast in code execution.


  • Single-Threaded And Highly Scalable

Node.Js uses a single-threaded model along with the event looping. The event mechanism helps to respond in a non-blocking way and makes the server highly scalable contrary to the traditional servers that create limited threads for handling requests.Node.Js operates a single-threaded program, and the same program provides service to a larger number of requests than the traditional servers.


  • No Buffering

It can never buffer any data and simplifies the data in chunks.


  • License

Node.Js has the MIT license.


Places To Uses MNode.Js

Following are the areas where you Node.Js proves itself to be a perfect technology:


  • Data Streaming Applications
  • I/O bound Applications
  • JSON APIs based Applications
  • Data-Intensive Real-time Applications (DIRT)
  • Single Page Applications


Why Choose Markethix For A Node.Js Development?

The group of Node.Js developers at Markethix is cherry-picked by us. They can build any kind of Node.Js application. Choosing the Node.Js backend and frontend development is one of the vital decisions that a company needs to take in the proper time. And we do not leave any stone unturned to make your business enjoy all the benefits that it offers.


Vue.Js Development Company

There are several reasons why Vue.Js has become the most renowned JavaScript frontend framework. Libraries and frameworks make the life of a developer much easier by providing a robust platform. It culminates with fewer bumps in the road of development. Vue.Js is one such important framework. If JavaScript is an alphabet, then Vue.Js is the phrasebook that enables the programmer to create intelligent sentences to communicate well.

Vue.Js is the progressive open-source framework that is incrementally adoptable because the core library focuses on the view layer only. It is also more capable of powering polished single-page applications with the assistance of modern tools and with the presence of libraries to support it. Originally Vue.Js was created as the way to take the best parts of Angular and build a customized tool around it. As a globally renowned Vue.Js development company Markethix leverages the technology to build fast and innovative applications within the stipulated time frame.

What is Vue.Js Used For?

Vue.Js is mainly used to build one-page applications and web interfaces. It can also be applied to both mobile app development and desktop because of the JS base and HTML extensions working in tandem with the Electronic framework. Thus making it a heavily flavored frontend tool. Vue.Js is flexible and can also operate with CBA or Component Based Architecture.

Why Is Vue.Js so popular?

In simple words, let’s talk about a view-oriented product. Views are considered to be the most important part of everything. All information is only validated if that interacts with views properly and correctly. A single view created is very basic, and here lies the main benefits and desire to use Vue.Js. It is simple and has a low entry barrier. You need to load the interface and add JavaScript to proceed. Further data is sent to the view directly by using a simple syntax. This is where Vue.Js automatically renders the elements without coding.

Advantages Of Vue.Js Development

The advantages of Vue.Js development are:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to pick
  • Accumulated a powerful set of tools
  • Fantastically helpful
  • Inherited two-way data binding
  • Divide and conquer
  • Easily learnable

Connect With Markethix For Vue.Js Web Development

Markethix has served many renowned businesses that need Vue.Js development services. At an affordable price, we deliver top-rated solutions around the globe. Our solutions are scalable, user-friendly, and built on the updated frameworks and technologies to meet the needs of the business. Our team of experts meets the deadlines with no data leak and writes efficient, clean, secure, and well-documented JavaScript codes.


Angular Js. 

Angular Js. is a structural framework for many dynamic web applications. Designers use HTML as the template language with Angular Js. as it allows for the extension of the HTML’s syntax. It helps in conveying the application’s components effortlessly. Angular Js. is commonly related to SPA; still, it can be used to build any kind of application, taking advantage of features like templating, two-way biding, modularization, RESTful API handling, AJAX handling, modularization, dependency injection, etc.

Build future-ready and rich-feature applications with Markethix’s super-heroic Angular Js. developers. Our developers are always ready to build highly intuitive and highly responsive applications that will meet your expectations and give a good Return On Investment.

Common Angular Js. Directives

With the use of Angular Js. developers can create HTML-like attributes and elements that define the behavior of the presentation of the components. The directives will help to invent new HTML syntax that is specific to the application or the website. Some of the common Angular Js directives include:

  • ng-class

This permits class attributes to be dynamically loaded.

  • ng-show and ng-hide

These directives hide or show an element. This is attained by setting styles in the CSS of the site.

  • ng-animate

It provides support for animation, including CSS3 transitions, Javascript, and CSS3 keyframe animations.

Advantages Of Angular Js. Development

Some of the common advantages of Angular Js. development include:

  • Improved design architecture
  • Better plug and play components
  • Promotes code-reusability
  • Handles dependencies
  • Faster application development
  • Helps manage state
  • Allows parallel development
  • Allows controls to developers

Angular Js. Services By Markethix

Markethix understands your business requirements and schedules a time to consult you on your requirements. API development is mostly very complex to work with, but our developers will make it much easier for you if you are already running a mobile application or web application and want to migrate to Angular Js. Markethix is always here for you.




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