Migration To Another CMS

You’re probably already aware of how migrating your website to a different Content Management System is a pain. You’ve heard about how long it takes, the potential for errors, and the fact that it requires a highly skilled technical resource. But do you know that 70% of companies use an outdated content management system that’s unable to keep pace with today’s digital demands?

No matter how big or small, every company will eventually have to deal with updating its core CMS. Hence, if you can’t move off your old CMS, you risk sacrificing the brand identity, SEO performance, and customer engagement. You lose a lot of time and money reinventing digital properties.

Benefits of CMS Migration 

CMS migration involves moving a website, a set of websites, or a complete digital presence that could span various CMS providers’ multiple touchpoints. New CMS is not the same as a website redesign. Website redesign aims at changing the style of how the website will look and how it will feel. It can attract customers and generate more engagement or sales. On the other hand, CMS migration improves the workability of a website, by migrating your content to some other CMS. Still, it considers all the core features, functionalities, and contexts of website management, improving the customer and your own experience.

The decision of migrating to a different CMS is:

  • Gain access to better functionalities and features

By choosing a new CMS provider, you will gain access to more current features and functionalities. Your employees will be empowered with a more efficient website easier to work on, promoting greater productivity and better overall satisfaction with the company.

  • Optimize Web Performance

A new website powered by the latest technology is a significant asset for any business, but how you go about setting it up plays a vital role in how effective it will be. Many options suit your needs, including setting up an entirely new platform with new features or migrating to a more proven and upgraded version of your existing CMS platform. It will also give you the benefits of added features without all the headaches of managing an entirely new platform.

  • Opportunity To Start Fresh

It is not hard to imagine how hard it will be to migrate from one CMS to another. The entire process, be it the migration of blog posts or website designs, involve various manual tasks. Migrating your content and design to a new and more performant platform is the first step towards improving your website’s performance. What typically follows is the complete redesign to bring your visual assets up to date with the latest industry trends and best practices.

  • Employees have a better user experience

Removing old and unmaintainable web management tools can improve your business’s productivity and user experience. Implementing a new, responsive, and usable website that meets the users’ needs will make the employees have a more positive attitude. The employees will also be satisfied in working with the company.

  • Better Security

Security becomes a primary concern when moving your website to a different CMS. Some high-profile security breaches involving CMS providers have exposed hundreds of big website names. When migrating to a new CMS provider, potential candidates should thoroughly research to identify which gives the most substantial security track record.

Checklist For Migration To Another CMS

The checklist for the migration process is:

Before migration service

  • Conduct a pre-migration data assessment
  • Involve all the stakeholders
  • Take inventory
  • Review security regulations
  • Get the necessary tools in place
  • Set deadlines and milestones

Data Transfer

  • Review data architecture
  • Test migration in a live environment
  • Make all the necessary changes or adjustments
  • Have an emergency plan
  • Transfer your content

Post Migration

  • Test your completed migration process
  • System and data optimization
  • Set up a Data Quality Control Protocol
  • Close down the previous CMS system

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