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Python Web Development Company

Python Web Development Company

Just as the technology improves daily, smartphones, artificial intelligence, supercomputers, etc., are leading their way to constant upgradation. We use various technologies to develop various programs and mobile apps utilizing the programming languages, and one of the popular languages is Python. It is a programming language prevalent among developers. Python was also declared one of the leading programming languages, defeating Java, the original coding language. Python supported the entire mobile app development process.

Do you want to hire the best Python developers skilled in building cost-efficient, robust, and resourceful mobile and web applications? Markethix is a digital marketing company that has delivered thousands of projects for all the market verticals in the last few years. The team members at Markethix hold expertise in various advanced technologies of Python. We test our applications for excellence and deliver high performance and assured quality.


Use Python For Mobile App Development

Python is widely used for its readability and ease of use, translating into a speedy development. It is the ideal option for the mobile market time to market is vital to gain and keep the market share. On the other hand, neither Android nor iOS supports integrated languages. It states that they are not able to run Python apps. But in Python apps, varied frameworks come forward to bridge the gap so that Python apps run on mobile devices with a native feel and look.


Python Is Suitable For Enterprise Applications

Python is an ideal choice when there is a need to develop eCommerce business applications. Odoo and Tryton are two of the most renowned enterprise applications made with Python.


Popular Python Tools For Application Development

The top Python tools used for application development are:


  • Django

Django motivates pragmatic and fast development and straightforward design. It is perfect for backend development based on the Python language. Django helps users take applications from the idea to the completion level quickly. Also, this tool considers security seriously.

  • Pyramid

Pyramid is a fast and small web framework for Python 2 and 3. It helps to develop web applications quickly. Also, Pyramid offers just the core tools needed to appropriate all the web apps. Pyramid also motivates standard Python development practices with packaging tools, virtual environments, logging, etc.


  • BeeWare

BeeWare is used to develop and distribute native apps in Python. It is a collection of libraries and tools. The combination of libraries and tools performs together to help a developer write the cross-platform native GUI Python apps. BeeWare also comes with an OS native, Toga, a cross-platform GUI toolkit, and Python native.


  • Falcon

Falcon is a reliable and high-performing Python web framework that mainly develops large-scale application microservices and backends. It can perform with any WSGI and ASGI server and run under CPython version 3.5+ and yPy version 3.5+. It also holds an extensible codebase that is highly optimized. It also offers simple access to the headers and bodies throughout the request and response classes.


  • Kivy

Kivy is an open-source Python library for the faster development of applications. It uses innovative UI such as multi-touch apps. Kivy is cross-platform, GPU-accelerated, and business-friendly. It depends mainly on Python libraries like GStreamer, PIL, Cairo, etc.


  • CherryPy

CherryPy is an object-oriented web framework that permits the users to create web apps similar to building any other object-oriented Python program. CherryPy is also easy to run on many HTTP servers. It has a flexible plugin system and comes with tools for caching, encoding, static content, authentication, sessions, and many more. CherryPy also comes with in-built coverage, testing, and profiling support.


  • Flask

Flask is one of the widely used Python web development frameworks. It is a lightweight WSGI web app framework crafted to scale up to complex applications. Flask provides suggestions but does not depend on any project dependencies or layout.


Start Your Python Development Process With Markethix

Markethix is a digital marketing agency with the needed expertise and technology to convert your idea to reality. We sign a non-disclosure agreement with every client to protect their business’s confidentiality and data. Our skilled team members can bring your vision to reality by leveraging the best methods and technologies with the least time to market.

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