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Nowadays, everyone spends a lot of time looking at screens. Smartphones, computers, and televisions have become an integral part of our lives. They are how we get a lot of news, watch movies, use social media, etc. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are the two types of technologies that convert the way we use screens and create new and exciting connected experiences.

Virtual Reality uses a headset to place users in a computer-generated world that you can explore. On the other hand, Augmented reality is quite different. Instead of transporting users to a virtual world, augmented reality takes digital images and layers them into the real world through a smartphone or clear visor. For example, with virtual reality, you could explore the environment underwater. But with augmented reality, you could see the fish swimming around you.


Uses Of Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality In Business

Virtual reality is increasing rapidly in enterprises; hence, companies choose the best ways to use this technology to gain a competitive advantage. Here are the three cases to consider:


  • Employee safety training

Development and learning programs are crucial to the success of most organizations. But virtual reality is critical for an organization that deals with life or death situations or where an employee’s mistakes can cause harm. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality enable employees to be practical and nurture for such events, leading them to be in lifelike scenarios.


  • Sales And Marketing Presentations

Sales demos and marketing presentations are an essential part and must represent a wow factor. And companies considering VR prove to be a significant investment in this regard. This technology enables the marketing and sales team to immerse their clients in environments where they can interact conveniently with the product. Companies can also use VR technology to recommend products to customers. Setting up and creating VR applications is cost-effective and straightforward; as a result, companies can use these technologies easily.


  • Industrial Design

Companies who want to change the workflow or build a new factory can use Virtual Reality to improve processes. It helps to avoid making real-life scale models and design virtual environments and conduct simulations to know how the new design or process might work. This allows stakeholders to decide about what will be efficient for the company.

Following are the top instances where businesses are using Augmented Reality (AR):

  • Retail

In the case of retail businesses, AR provides a way for customers to try products or service before they purchase. Any tablet or smartphone can be the AR platform to create a shopping experience for customers.


  • Industrial Field Services

AR offers the remote expert to overlap messages, markings, and diagrams directly onto the field of view of the engineer. It helps the engineers to be hands-free to perform fixes simultaneously. AR can reduce confusion, improve safety, and take the pressure from the engineers who cannot be experts in all infrastructure and technologies. AR empowers linking workers and the mobile workforce to experts around the world.


  • Design And Modeling

One of the ways AR is used in businesses is via 3D modeling. This is mainly used during the design process for various items. AR is also used to support early-stage product designs and development, giving a clear view of the designers of the product’s form and function.


  • Training And Education

AR has a high momentum in medical education. AR gives trainers a hands-on training experience without any risk of costly real-life mistakes. Using AR for training provides a multisensory, immersive experience that is more efficient than the traditional methods.


  • Repair And Maintenance 

AR makes it possible for inexperienced people to identify mistakes and perform repairs by ensuing step-by-step instructions. It improves customer satisfaction as well.


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