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WebView App Development

WebView App Development

Do you want web pages to display in one app? Are you aware of a Webview App? A WebView is a small window that loads web pages and displays them in an app. You can include whole or parts of web pages in your apps. Many smartphone operating systems support WebViews in apps, so many developers widely use this feature.

Full-screen previews are an excellent way to present photos of your hotel room, enlarge a map of the area, or display details about a business in a WebView without going to the browser. This can be an excellent tool for adding interactivity to Web pages. Markethix is a leading digital marketing agency in the U.S and has expert developers developing top-notch WebView Apps as per the needs of your business. We develop user-friendly, scalable, and robust WebView applications that significantly impact users’ minds.

Two Options To Build A Webview App

Are you wondering how to build a Webview App? Well, only experts in the field can create an app, and Markethix is nothing less. We will listen to your requirements and create the app accordingly. There are two options to create a Webview App:


  • Use the mobile app builder for Android and iOS
  • Code the way in making the app


Advantages of using Webview Apps

The advantages of using a Webview app are:


  • With Webview App Development, your application can provide powerful, user-friendly UIs that look and behave like mobile apps. WebView apps are hosted in your app to retain complete control over your app’s UI, security, and performance.
  • WebView allows you to update your application content by showing new or updated material from your servers. This enables you to create a Webstore-like experience for your customers with minimal development effort. WebView apps are also perfect for keeping clients up-to-date with special upcoming offers, new features, and promotions, using only the built-in functionality.
  • WebView app enables cross-platform development, which reduces the cost of developing applications while creating a flexible environment where Web technologies can have the advantage. This lets developers rapidly create business Web applications from scratch.

Scenarios Where A Webview App Is Perfect

WebView provides a web browser-like rendering engine in your Android app. Using WebView, you can open and display URLs from your apps and directly access standard internet data sources such as HTML, Javascript, and CSS.

For example, you could use our WebView App development services to implement a browser within your app or provide a link to an HTML file that displays content within the application. In-app advertisements work best on WebViews as ads load from a central server. An excellent example of this is Facebook or Twitter.

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