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WordPress Development

WordPress Development

Nearly one-third of the world’s websites are powered by WordPress, starting from small personal blogs to complex sites of major corporations. WordPress is the only site builder and content management system that users can download and install for free. But it has also got some distinctive features that make it the most renowned content management system. WordPress is among the top three most often used site building packages in the world, followed by Drupal and Joomla. They all are free to use and download and come with various add-ons for specialized functionality, and all are customized to suit the needs of individual users.

Markethix can give you a solid online presence that is unique with our outstanding WordPress development services. With experienced WordPress developers, build your next WordPress website. It will give your business more exposure.


Benefits Of Using the WordPress Platform

Here are the advantages of using WordPress development to set up and run your personal or business sire.


  • Adaptable and flexible for changing needs

WordPress was initially designed to support blogging and other related types of online publishing. But it also powers various ranges of sites with other purposes. It is used to manage small businesses, run complex sites for many multinational companies, and create personal blogs. It also showcases a portfolio containing full-service eCommerce stores and hosts a social group, network, or podcast. There are also many themes and easy access to the source files of WordPress, and it is endlessly adaptable to the changing needs of the company.


  • User-friendly

A WordPress site is very easy to install, and all it takes is a matter of minutes to run, even without any technical expertise. A user needs a domain name and a hosting web account. WordPress is installed free and through the WordPress hosting provider or can upload directly from WordPress.org.


  • Themes Offer Various Options

WordPress themes offer users many choices for fine-tuning the functions and appearance of the new site. It has a large and growing directory of both premium and basic themes. Many of the themes are available instantly to the new site owner through the WordPress theme directory, and many more can be purchased through third-party designers and design marketplaces from around the world. Themes are previewed live and installed as per the convenience to change the look and layout of the WordPress site.


  • Plugins Extend Functionality

WordPress includes all the elements that are needed to create a basic site. But there are many users who want more specialized functions that are related to the specific needs of the site. The WordPress plugin directory has hundreds of plugins. Users can also easily purchase and install hundreds of other plugins from third-party developers. Plugins can be activated, deactivated, or uninstalled as per the need of the site.


  • WordPress Sites Rank High

Searchability helps to rank high on Google and other search engines. WordPress sites have the tendency to rank higher for their keywords because they are updated on a constant basis. Also because WordPress includes a variety of plugins and tools for optimizing content for SEO.


  • WordPress Sites Are Mobile Responsive

Google rankings depend largely on mobile responsiveness, so it is important for your website to look good on any device. WordPress offers many responsive theme designs, and users can easily make a static site responsive with adjustments and plugins to theme files.


  • WordPress Sites Have A Built-In Blog

Just because WordPress is a content management system software, it also has multiple features that make it easy to publish content. One of these features is a “built-in” blog that can be accessed from any of the devices and at any time.


  • WordPress Community Offers Support

Because WordPress is open-source and free, WordPress-loving communities around the world support it. The community of WordPress lovers often makes changes to the source files and keeps WordPress secure and updated.


WordPress Website Tips And Tricks

There are many tips and tricks that will make your website as user-friendly and impactful as possible.

  • Create a great user experience
  • Focus on the basics
  • Use dashes and not underscores
  • Use the online support for WordPress for any concerns and queries
  • Make use of Image Alt Text
  • Keep the sidebar as organized as possible
  • Backup your website regularly
  • Learn and understand the SEO basics
  • Create a customized homepage
  • Keep an eye on the website’s performance
  • Include an About Us page
  • Make your site secure
  • Create customized permalinks
  • Create a customized navigation bar
  • Include excerpts on the blog
  • Structure your website that will make proper sense for your visitors, business, and buyer personas
  • Remove comment and share buttons
  • Consider the looks of your website on the mobile
  • Use video content and visuals
  • Update your WordPress site and plugins
  • Use social proof
  • Pick a CRM that will work with your WordPress site


Markethix Offers A Wide Range Of WordPress Development Services

There are a lot of WordPress services that you will get from Markethix. They are:

  • Development
  • Theme design’
  • Integration
  • Plugin development
  • Custom application
  • Maintenance and support


Why Choose Markethix For WordPress Development Services?

Markethix has got logically strong and sound developers who have been working on WordPress development for many years. They hold great expertise in WordPress development. Although we have skilled and experienced developers, we still do not charge any hefty amount from our clients. We offer a very moderate pricing range. All of our clients are highly satisfied with our work quality.

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