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Almost everyone nowadays uses email for communication. No other platform comes close to this communication channel because of the sheer number of daily active users. Do you also want to enjoy the benefits of email marketing in your business strategy?

Do not miss out on the opportunity to make your brand connect with potential customers at the right time and increase your sales. Connect with Markethix and get goal-driven email marketing services from our skilled team members. We will set up an email campaign that will be the best fit for the objectives of your business.

What is Email Marketing?

When you want to generate and convert leads, there is nothing more powerful marketing tactic than email marketing. As per the studies on the prominence and growth of chat applications and mobile messengers, nearly 61% of consumers prefer to interact with the brand via email. The global usage and increasing relevance of email worldwide make email marketing more important and influential than ever before.

Email marketing is a kind of digital marketing strategy preferred by many companies worldwide to make brand recognition, generate sales, and build customer relationships. Markethix leverages different email services for personal and automated marketing emails containing brand announcements and promotions. Anything from weekly email newsletters to promo alerts to customer survey forms and event invitations, all come under email marketing. Begin your email marketing planning with Markethix and discover an effective email marketing strategy to utilize your email contacts to convert into potential customers and boost sales.

Importance Of Email Marketing

Many marketers wonder why email marketing is crucial when social media platforms are available worldwide and when the number of social media visitors has grown significantly over time. But still, people go to their email to find amazing deals from the brands they are interested in. That is simply the tip of the iceberg. There are a plethora of opportunities that email marketing offers. With email marketing, you are one step closer to driving more conversions for your brand.

Still not yet convinced why email marketing is crucial for the growth of your brand? Here are a few more reasons to let you understand the importance of email marketing:

  • Build customer loyalty

Regular brand interactions are significant for a strong client relationship. And regular email marketing communications with customers let any company generate more brand loyalty and drive sales. Also, email marketing is less expensive than other marketing channels.

  • Expand Your Business Reach

Email campaigns have a good reach and potential for engagement compared to traditional marketing methods. As per the record, more users check their inboxes frequently for offers and deals. Experienced email marketing specialists will help you to reach more audiences.

  • Connect with many audiences

Email marketing will allow you to reach targeted audiences and deliver broad messages to many customers. Instead of putting your dedication to a single type of campaign, email marketing will help you to reach out to different kinds of audiences with a personal touch.

  • Save Time And Effort

Email marketing for small franchises, businesses, and multinational firms requires less effort than traditional marketing campaigns. Targeted emails also allow communication with the ideal market segments in a matter of minutes. If you do not know about email campaign optimization, Markethix is here to help you.

  • Drive Strong Results With Email Campaigns

Email marketing offers many ways to test and see if you execute the right plan with your marketing efforts. You test almost everything in your email marketing campaigns, starting from the subject line and the time of the mail sent. This will give you a proper insight into where you need to make the changes to attract maximum potential customers with your email campaigns.

  • Track your analysis

Email marketing will provide you with data and analytics by giving valuable insights into the performance of your marketing efforts. The most-reported engagement metrics are click rates, open rates, and CTRs or click-through rates, bounces, and conversions. Depending on the goals of your business, an email marketing specialist can understand the numbers and translate them into crucial applications for better reach.

Drive Conversions With Email Marketing

At Markethix, we invest in proper email marketing software and conduct thorough training for delivering marketing automation services. It provides value and eventually increases profitability. We understand the goals of each business are different; thus, we create email marketing campaigns keeping in mind the needs of the business.

Reasons To Choose Markethix For Your Email Marketing Campaign

Markethix is one of the top-rated digital marketing companies in the U.S, and we offer the best email marketing services. Here are some benefits that you will get from our email marketing services:

  • Entire service email marketing campaign

Need assistance with drip marketing, Shopify email marketing, email marketing automation, or email blast? Markethix is a digital marketing company that offers extensive email marketing services. Whether you need a combination of email marketing solutions or email blast services, our specialists have everything covered.

  • Multivariate and A/B Campaign Testing

At Markethix, we do not simply create and launch email newsletters or email templates. We ensure that the campaign delivers outstanding results and tests every aspect of the campaign. Doing such allows us to decide the best approach for your web email marketing campaign.

  • Tailored list segmentation

We understand that email marketing differs as per our client’s needs, demands, and target audiences. This is why we perform detailed research and use email marketing software to divide the audience’s list and ensure that the emails get to the right recipients at the right time.

  • Integrated digital marketing services

Marketers can see a significant ROI in email marketing. Still, if you want to enjoy a higher return on investment, accessibility, improved efficiency, and increased client loyalty, it is necessary to have a combination of online marketing tactics created for your brand. Besides email marketing services, we also offer other online marketing services, including link building, search engine optimization, and online reputation management.

  • Detailed email marketing reports

Markethix sets up email campaigns developed according to businesses’ unique needs, manages them, and gives monthly reports, including traffic referred, open rates and sales/leads driven. Markehthix helps integrate email campaigns with Google Analytics to provide a deeper insight into how recipients will interact with your brand’s website.

  • Get Assistance From Experienced Email Marketing Specialists

Markethix’s email marketing team has years of experience using different email platforms. We constantly search and examine emerging email marketing software, email marketing strategy, and digital platforms to provide our clients with the best email marketing service.

As a trusted digital marketing company, we ensure that all our email marketing services fit our client’s needs and budgets.

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