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FAQ Videos – Benefits and How It Helps Brands Approach Prospects
FAQ Videos – Benefits and How It Helps Brands Approach Prospects

FAQ Videos – Benefits and How It Helps Brands Approach Prospects

by | Feb 28, 2024 | Digital Marketing | 0 comments

A customer would never buy or opt for your brand’s services if they cannot understand the purposes. While you may guide them through various web pages, there’s always confusion, especially when your business sells lots of products or services.

The only intention for a prospective customer to hunt around your service page and homepage is to get relevant information. That’s why every website owner should invest in an intuitive page. This is where the need for an FAQ page arises. But what’s the point of adding videos to this section? Most importantly, is it at all relevant to add videos to this page? Let’s find out more in this post.

The Debates Surrounding FAQ Videos 

Everyone knows what FAQs are. They are frequently asked questions that a website should include to provide a decent entry point to customers. However, FAQs should be readable if they are text-based. But amidst everything a brand does, from using clear fonts to ensuring good spacing, readability may be affected.

That’s the only problem with FAQs, which are usually seen on various websites. A writer or whosoever is building them needs to be appropriate with the words, keywords, and sentence length. All this while, textual FAQs have helped various businesses increase their customer base. 

Cut to the modern marketing world, and it seems brands have started shifting their focus from textual to video-based FAQs. Today’s smart customers need one-liner or instant answers because they don’t have so much time to read through the FAQ section. So, you can use FAQ videos to help your customers take an interest in your services, policies, shipping methods, etc.

From engaging the audience to providing valuable information, these videos have the power to take your prospects one step forward in the sales funnel. As a result, they will consider your services or products to be valuable for a purchase. 

How Beneficial are FAQ Videos?

From generating leads to building brand identity, FAQ videos can take a business a long way in the future. If you are a startup or have no idea about FAQ videos, you need to understand them in the first place. After reading the following benefits, you can consider implementing videos in your FAQ section.

  • A video can speedily address common queries of customers
  • Implementing FAQ videos saves your business resources
  • They offer ongoing customer assistance and help you prioritize other relevant business work
  • It’s a smart, credible, and trustworthy way to promote your business and increase leads 
  • Generating leads means influencing the audience for confident purchasing decision
  • Videos can improve your rankings and digital visibility (so improve your SEO efforts)

Creating an FAQ Section with Relevant Videos – Steps to Follow

Integrating thoughtfully crafted videos into the frequently answered question section is a challenging endeavor. However, the following tips and tweaks will help you simplify the process:

Jot Down the FAQs Related to Your Business

Audience pertaining to a certain business niche has a specified list of queries that the brand needs to understand. Considering your niche, you need to address those questions for which your prospects visit your brand. These questions should enlighten and educate your prospective customers about your services. 

So, your foundation step is to gather common issues your customers can face. The details are easy to research. You can give this responsibility to your support team to discover what problems your customers experience. You may also take one step further by sending customer surveys. Jot down these questions and start working on individual videos.

Write Down the Questions and Relevant Answers

Scripts are a prerequisite when it comes to creating videos. When you work on an FAQ video, take time to write a script before you work on the videos. Don’t worry in case you have never written a script for your website before. Professionals in a video marketing agency Orlandocan assist you in working on the content with their experience and expertise.

Understanding What Type of Videos You Need

Not every business can use the same type of video for FAQs. Since there are various FAQ videos, you must first select the right type. For instance, you may opt for a straight-to-camera video where a company’s in-house team can narrate the answer. Otherwise, you can use a product video to help your prospects get an understanding of a particular item (for instance, a new launch) to accelerate speedy purchases.

Select the Right Area on Your Website for FAQ Videos

A website should have a dedicated FAQ section. Just like your textual FAQs, even the video FAQs need a specific area where your customer can land in. So, you need to simplify your customers’ experience to get access to these videos. For this reason, you need to find a specific area where you can include these videos for your customers to check them out seamlessly.

Today’s customers prefer watching something over reading it. You can consider hiring an email marketing agency Orlando to generate more leads. However, you can never undermine the importance of powerful videos. 

Lately, FAQ videos are being considered immensely effective for businesses to gain prominence. These videos can reduce the support calls and improve satisfaction. However, the effectiveness of these videos is still in its budding stage. In the future, you might see most businesses using FAQ videos to build brand loyalty.


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