Android App Development

Want to create applications for running in the Android operating system? Do you know Android apps are most popular than any other apps? Almost all organizations today realize the importance of mobile apps and how they can increase the reach and customer base. Everyone nowadays has smartphones and can access various applications, thus boosting the eCommerce business. Android app development is creating applications for devices running the Android operating system. It is a new and profitable opportunity for lots of companies. 

Many businesses and industries these days are providing services to develop android apps to enhance the market value of their products. Android development has a sizable impact on the mobile app development market. With more than 2.5 billion active users worldwide, the numbers increase rapidly. The companies are experiencing advantages like massive customer reach, faster development, seamless customization, improved scalability, etc., with Android Apps. So what are you waiting for? Reach out to more users with the Android app. 

Markethix is a digital marketing agency working to develop android apps in the U.S. The work of the consultants involves creating android apps for the betterment of your business. The apps that our team creates are elementary to use, and we keep in mind how to reach customers quickly. We are among the top Android App Development companies that work on the reality of the app. 

Benefits Of Android Software Development

Do you know the benefits that come with androids apps? They have a strong influence on most industries as part of today’s digital revolution. Even though iOS is a popular platform, there are many reasons why Android development is by far the leading and best platform for businesses

Every company needs to compete with creativity and innovation and attract the attention of more potential customers. With the evolution of Android development, entrepreneurs have scalable and cost-effective opportunities to develop apps. Our team works specifically, keeping this in mind. We deliver the best app development services at competitive rates. Some of the benefits of having an Android app are:

  • High ROI With Low Cost

The development of interactive Android Apps is becoming the latest buzz in the mobile market. However, this does not mean that you have to invest a lot to acquire resources for development. The mobile app developers can use the material design from the Software Development Toolkit to use their apps. The developers have to pay a one-time fee for the application distribution.

After that, the developers leverage any computer device to build and test the products for their smartphones. It allows them to ensure low investment and high customer engagement. The end-users benefit from the interactive apps while the enterprise gains a higher return on investment. 


  • Faster Deployment

Android Software Development involves the development process in phases like analysis, design, development, deployment, and maintenance. The process is faster than other platforms, especially for small businesses that wish to create new apps for leading-edge technologies. 


  • Target Multiple Platforms

Whether your business is an old one or a startup, Android Apps offer many advantages. With our Android App, you can tailor the application as per your company’s services and promote your brand through effective advertising. 


  • Scalability And Versatility

Android Studio is the official IDE ( Integrated Development Environment) of Android. It provides comprehensive tools and a robust foundation for building apps on every type of Android device. It is a powerful new IDE that helps build, test, and publish apps for Android devices and will eventually support fully configurable builds for other platforms. The design is a toolkit that can extend through plugins and third-party integrations.

The Android platform offers a vast number of uses for users, but it also provides development teams with a great deal of flexibility when it comes to formalizing the purpose. As a result, many different Android applications become easy to download from app stores (e.g., Google Play) and integrated into the mobile device for use.


  • High Security

There are built-in security features for mobile applications in the latest Android 12 to protect against malware and viruses. This quality helps in additional protection when your device sign-in to new devices.


  • Chances For Innovation

Technology is a great medium to explore new avenues and work out some creative ideas. It helps explore new possibilities, which might prove advantageous for your business or job. In simple words, it is an equipment that can create something unique for your business or career. 


Android apps have become the basic need of the next generation of customers. To meet the demands of these customers, you can create and design your android apps. These days, people are mobile freaks. They spend most of their time with their smartphones rather than their desktops or laptops. If you build your apps, you will surely earn a high ROI on your investments.

Markethix offers skilled developers who have an excellent grip on the design and development of Android apps. We created many Android apps for many clients in the U.S, and we are proud of our services. Our Android App Development services will fulfill all your business needs and help you to be successful in a short time.

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