Shopify Customization

Is it better to be original or to be fast? Do you think it is better to quickly launch new campaigns and products or create rich customer experiences? Often people ask the question, “How customizable is Shopify?’ Shopify is customizable as per your convenience. You can customize the theme, payment options, products, discounts, etc.


At Markethix, our experts help you customize your Shopify as per your needs and by analyzing your customers’ requirements.


Shopify Customization Allows To Customizing Themes 

The decision to build a site from scratch or proceed with templated themes is not easy. It gives you complete control over every plan, building, and optimization aspect. The level of customization can be attractive. But the critical question is will the customization pay off? Also, it is essential to understand what your goal is? But what matters is balance. It gives audiences enough originality that will help them to stand out. But it should not be so much that what you are finding is unnatural or unfamiliar. Theme customization allows adding high-quality product images, full-screen video merge, and mobile optimization. It creates a superior customer experience without sacrificing ease of use. With Shopify customization, Markethix can customize almost anything on your website that matters the most to today’s online shoppers. We create personalized buyer journeys, automating full-scale campaigns, intuitive payment options, and social selling on your website.


Customize Products With Shopify Customization 

With theme customization on Shopify, it is easy to balance two frontend considerations- originality and familiarity. But when you consider customizing products, it strikes a balance between customers (frontend) and your team (backend). After all, it is the most important thing to display your product beautifully. It is also essential to make the products easy to purchase, add, update, manage, remove and list across multiple sales platforms. Our team at Markethix can easily add a product, change, edit images, copy, load a video, and optimize specific details like shipping, pricing, and SEO.

Three essential points deserve special attention for customization:

  • Multi-channel sales
  • Variants
  • Metafields


Customize Discounts Beyond Coupon Codes With Markethix

Price is considered a strong leverage point for acquiring new customers, rewarding and retaining those you already have, and maximizing the average order value. But optimizing discounts can ve difficult for brands, as using the wrong deals will reduce profits and devalue your brand. There are three options to customize and automate discounts on Shopify. They are:

  • Discount codes
  • Price discounts
  • Custom scripts


Customize checkouts Of Your Website With Markethix

As per the old saying, optimize closest to the money. It is a digital adaptation of marketing and sales’ most universal principles. In the case of eCommerce, if you fail to optimize closest to the money, you are most likely to get results in an abandoned cart. Customizing the checkout can help govern the brand precisely how your audience experiences it before becoming customers.


Customize your Shopify pages the easy way with Markethix

With Markethix, you can customize your Shopify store as you can. We will create the main Shopify pages that will make up your online store. From FAQ pages, homepages, unique offer pages, and collection pages to product pages, Markethix gives you the drag and drop flexibility required to make it look the way you want.

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