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Woo-Commerce SEO

Woo-Commerce SEO

An open-source eCommerce plugin for WordPress is WooCommerce. It allows the most powerful content management system (WordPress) to run an online store. Because it is an open-source platform, retailers can customize any aspect of the store and build custom extensions very easily. Using WooCommerce, you have a large number of SEO options to customize the eCommerce site for ranking high. 

Carrying out WooCommerce SEO practices is vital to any successful eCommerce business. It helps the company to appear much higher on SERPs or Search Engine Results Pages. The sites that will rank higher in SERPs have the potential to reach more people. The WooCommerce SEO strategy of Markethix is reliable and excellent. It helps in more conversions from a shopping cart to sales.

Is WooCommerce SEO Friendly?

The WooCommerce plugin is very SEO friendly. Running on WordPress makes it quality compliant and perfect for SEO. So, you will be able to use techniques and plugins to improve WooCommerce product SEO. 

When you are starting an online store with WooCommerce, you will have the opportunity to add things like products, themes, images, descriptions, and other content to your eCommerce store. You can easily manage the adding and optimizing content. 

WooCommerce SEO is a continual process. You will need to work on it steadily and for some time to see the steady growth of search engine traffic. 

Tips To Optimize WooCommerce

The essential tips for creating a WooCommerce site are:

  • Create a unique product description

A product description is a matter of concern. It must contain vital information about the product to target potential customers. Writing descriptions properly is often the best SEO practice. 

  • Optimize the Page Title

A Page Title tells search engines and shoppers what the page is all about. Most eCommerce websites have different pages like product pages and categories. Categories assist shoppers in finding different types of products. You have the opportunity to customize your category pages for items and product pages for specific terms.

  • Enable Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are usually placed at the top of the pages. They help visitors to return to previous pages. Breadcrumbs give visitors an idea of where they are on the website and provide a link to each previous page and the path the users have navigated through to reach the current page. They are beneficial for visitors, and Google often uses them to determine the site’s structure. It also affects your appearance in search results. Designers can easily create Breadcrumbs in WooCommerce. 

  • Make simple navigation of the site

Straightforward and clean navigation impacts time spent and bounce rates on-site. Navigation must be easy to follow, to ensure visitors spend a lot of time on your site, and its rankings gradually improve. 

  • Keep Permalinks URLs Descriptive And Short

WordPress Permalinks make URLs easily accessible to search engines and visitors. You just need to keep the Permalinks short and simple to help the users understand your site structure more easily.

  • Always Write Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions go a long way in improving CTRs or Click-Through Rates. Meta descriptions show up under the entry title’s search result. They generally describe the content. They can also entice visitors to click. 

Use proper adjectives, motivational words, deals, and calls to action in meta descriptions. But keep in mind that the reports must not be more than 160 words and should primarily focus on what is essential. 

  • Add Alt Text To Images

Alt text is significant for SEO. Google or any other search engine cannot read images, but it can read the alt text which is a short description of what the image is about. It is also very essential for readers who are visually challenged and use a screen reader to hear the text. 

  • Consolidate and avoid duplicate content

The easiest way to make your content rank is by writing and publishing original content. Duplicate content is a strict no-no. Plagiarism doesn’t only affect the rankings but it can also penalize you for publishing copied content. 

  • Make Use Of The Best WooCommerce SEO Plugin

There are thousands of plugins and extensions in WooCommerce. It helps in the growth of your business. 

  • Use Themes For WooCommerce

WordPress sites are very search engine friendly. But all its themes are not perfect for WooCommerce optimization. Using themes that are perfect for WooCommerce SEO products in your store is a good idea. 

  • Track The Customers In Google Analytics

The most vital part of an effective SEO strategy is data. It is essential to learn from the users who are visiting, how they find your store, the products they are looking at, and their activities in your store. Google Analytics helps in tracking all such vital information. 

  • Track Website Speed And Performance

Website speed is a critical factor for ranking. This means that faster websites can rank higher than slower ones. Slow websites are not suitable for business because they affect the user experience of a site. 

  • Improve WooCommerce Security

Secure and safe websites are perfect for Search Engines. Google always warns users of malware, scams, and phishing websites. This eventually destroys the SEO ranking and significantly impacts the brand’s reputation. 

Take Your Ecommerce SEO To The Next Level With A Proven WooCommerce SEO Strategy

Implementing the best WooCommerce SEO practices will help enhance the Search Engine visibility, improve the site’s ranking and help to generate organic traffic. Markethix has a proven track record of carrying out eCommerce SEO strategies, which can take your website to the next level. We have a team of WooCommerce SEO experts and developers. Often, marketing your WooCommerce website can be tricky, but our experts will guide you in the right direction. We make each of our client’s websites unique by designing custom WooCommerce SEO marketing strategies tailor-made for all our clients.

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