OpenCart Store Setup And Customizations

A well-designed e-store is crucial to a business. A successful business idea would not be successful without an adequately designed e-store. With the help of open cart store setup development, it is straightforward to manage your store and include multiple stores in the admin panel. Open cart is an open-source e-commerce platform for sellers. It is free to use and download and is well-known for acting as a foundation on which it becomes easy to build e-commerce stores. The appeal of OpenCart is that it can cater to everyone, including people and seasoned developers who are looking to start on their own. However, it is also possible to start from scratch with the help of OpenCart.

Markethix can help businesses achieve their dream by offering distinctive stores. Our experienced developers and designers will fulfill the market demand by introducing attractive designs and features to help your customers. Our developers will solve all your queries and make you understand the characteristics of OpenCart store features.


Advantages Of OpenCart 

Some of the advantages of OpenCart include:

  • Price, as it is free
  • Flexibility
  • User-friendly approach
  • Oldest platform


Customize Your OpenCart Store Without Breaking It

As mentioned above, OpenCart is an essential solution for starting an online store. It comes with a Bootstrap-based theme covering the basic needs and is very simple to understand. However, a business does not have requirements all covered by the default features of an open cart. Often, store owners need to customize the store as per the line of business.


Ways To Customize The OpenCart Store

There are many ways by which you can customize the store without making it unstable and have the control to disable or uninstall customization.


  • Use OpenCart OCMOD Extensions

OCMOD system is a way to modify the code and functionality from the core files without changing the framework core files. Using the OCMOD standard makes it easy for developers to write the changes in an XML file and create a combination with new files for any type of customization and zip it. OCMOD is installed through the extension installer and comes in the default OpenCart. It can also be uninstalled by going to the list of modifications and deleting a particular OCMOD extension, and further refreshing the changes.


  • OpenCart Modules

If the customization is dependent on modification and not addition, the best way is to develop modules and upload them via extension installer. Modules are embedded in the layout at the bottom, top left, or right of any layout of the product page, homepage, and category page of OpenCart. Modules are easy to install and uninstall, enable and disable anytime from the backend.


  • OpenCart Themes

If you need to change the look and feel of the website, the best way to do it is to create a theme instead of modifying the default theme. You can get a completely new theme or opt for copying the default theme and renaming and making alterations to the copy of the theme files. OpenCart also supports third-party themes that all need to follow the theme structure and upload in the catalog/view/theme folder. After adding the files, the OpenCart admin picks up the theme and allows you to customize the theme settings in the admin panel for the new theme. It includes image sizes on category pages, product pages and search pages, and many other settings. Therefore, the theme can also be enabled and disabled, and it can revert to the original theme.


  • OpenCart Event Based Functions

Recently trigger functions were introduced in OpenCart, similar to filters in WordPress. You can change the default functionality by initiating your functions that will trigger before an OpenCart function executes. Similarly, your function will have the power to change the functionality and install and uninstall the code and get the store back to the previous state without getting unstable.


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