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Injury Assistance Network

I.A.N is a popular personal injury service provider in Orlando, working to give friendly, fast, and practical solutions to the injured. We made sure to design the website accordingly so that it is user-friendly. We faced many challenges while creating their website, but our expert and experienced team members conducted thorough research to have the best solution in no time. We found out the targeted customer base of I.A.N. We made the design and development and marketing strategy of the company in such a way that it becomes easy to navigate and easily accessible. I.A.N has a vast client base because of our Social Media Marketing, SEO, Framework, etc. This company is experiencing massive traffic because of the word “digital” in their marketing strategies, and the role of Markethix in this is incredible.

Pulse Light Clinic

Pulse Light Clinic have made us their support system for the digital marketing journey. And we made sure to make them experience success with the online presence. Their website generated a lot more traffic with Markethix, out of which 65% of the users are now their clients. By defining all the services, they perform, and why you should choose to visit this clinic, the brand awareness has increased a lot.

CUCU Fashion

Being a top fashion brand in the United Kingdom, CUCU Fashion now has multiple strategies to differentiate itself from the rest of the fashion industry. Our marketing strategy, design and development, framework, SEO, E-commerce services, and many more made the brand recognize the targeted customers. The website has also increased engagement due to Markethix, increasing customer loyalty to optimize conversions.

One People Law Group

One People Law Group is a prominent legal firm in Charlotte known for its comprehensive range of legal services, including personal injury, immigration, and criminal law. With a client-centric approach, the firm houses a team of highly skilled attorneys to provide strategic legal assistance and confident advocacy. We designed the firm’s website keeping these factors in mind and made it user-friendly to offer the clients a seamless experience.

With a reputation for professionalism, integrity, and a deep understanding of the law, One People Law Group has established itself as a trusted and reliable partner for legal matters. Our digital marketing professionals at Markethix developed and designed the company’s website to make it easily navigable and accessible.

Clarke Law Group

As a digital marketing agency, Markethix is privileged to collaborate with Sekou Clarke Law Group, a reputable legal firm in Orlando. The law firm deals with criminal, immigration, and personal injury law, serving clients with the best legal assistance. By leveraging our marketing expertise, we have helped enhance the law firm drive meaningful engagement through strategic content marketing. Our professionals have positioned the law group as a trusted authority through compelling content marketing. By developing engaging newsletters, we have successfully increased the website traffic of the law firm, fostering valuable client connections. It has been a rewarding experience supporting Sekou Clarke Law Group’s growth and establishing its brand as a prominent legal resource.

Stark Rehabilitation

We collaborated with Stark Rehabilitation, an Orlando-based leading provider of comprehensive rehabilitation services, including manual therapy, physical therapy, exercise therapy, and more. Through strategic website content creation, targeted ad campaigns, and search engine optimization (SEO), our marketing professionals have helped the physiotherapy clinic expand its online reach and connect with its target audience effectively. By crafting compelling website content, we have positioned Stark Rehabilitation as a trusted source of rehabilitation expertise. Our targeted ad campaigns have enhanced brand visibility and generated valuable leads. Through SEO techniques, we have improved their website’s search engine rankings, resulting in increased organic traffic and higher chances of client conversions. It has been a rewarding experience supporting Stark Rehabilitation’s mission to provide exceptional care and rehabilitation services to its patients.

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