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Google Business Profile: Updates and Changes in 2023
Google Business Profile: Updates and Changes in 2023

Google Business Profile: Updates and Changes in 2023

by | Sep 18, 2023 | Seo

You may be well aware of Google My Business, but that name has changed. Many excellent features were added to its revamped version, which Google named as Google Business Profile

For years, Google My Business has been the soul of every small business, particularly businesses targeting local customers. Having a well-managed Google My Business profile has, till recently, been a source for higher rankings and customer reviews. However, as mentioned, Google has made changes to it, and as a leading SEO company in Florida, we have come up with all the recent updates and how marketers should go about them to make the most of your Google Business Profile in 2023.

Manage Google Business Profile Directly on Google

This is an exciting one! Earlier, you had to head to your business dashboard on Google to manage your profile, which was inconvenient. Often, you had to search for “Google My Business” on the search bar to locate your business dashboard. But now, you can make changes and modify your business profile right on Google. With the dashboard taking center stage, all the needs for complex actions to access your business dashboard get eliminated. 

Moreover, now you can access your Google Business Profile simply by typing your business name into Google. Thus, now you can make changes and modifications swiftly and effortlessly. However, you need to be logged into your Gmail account that manages your Google Business Profile. 

With Google Business Profile now at the forefront, you can now portray your business’s key information, including logo, address, and other essential details. Marketers must keep up to date with all these recent changes to make the most of their Local SEO Marketing in Florida

Here’s a quick checklist of what you can do with the new Google Business Profile.

  • Check reviews and ratings.
  • Respond quickly to Google reviews.
  • Create Google Ads faster with a few clicks
  • Create a Google post in quick pop-up and make announcements
  • Access Google Analytics and gain valuable insights
  • Update business information more easily
  • Check phone call data easily
  • Check the number of people searching for your business; and more. 

Now You Can Message on Desktop for Enhanced Customer Experience

Sending and receiving messages on the new Google Business Profile has become more convenient. You can still message on the app, but now you can access messages through the desktop version as well. The new messaging tool, too, has become more efficient. It allows you to turn the chat on/off, add FAQs, and even add a customized welcome message. Also, you can turn on SMS alerts for your phone. 

Google Maps Live View and Neighborhood Vibe

New Google map updates have rolled out that include a Live View of the local area and Neighborhood Vibe. The Neighborhood Vibe gives Google Maps a more personal and interactive interface. Users can now browse through user-uploaded photos and videos of the area from various Google profiles. 

Google Maps app has come with a new Live View, which will show a feed. This is an interactive feed where users can see profiles of other users and Google Business Profiles of local businesses. Users can now see your business name, hours of operation, and how busy you are at the moment. 

How Can These Changes Be a Game Changer in Digital Marketing?

In 2023, an SEO company in Florida must realize the potential of Google Business Profile in local SEO. If your business does not yet have a Business Profile, it’s high time to do so. This platform is now the face of local SEO, and marketers must keep up-to-date with all the recent practices to make the most of their local SEO marketing strategy. 

With its plethora of features and benefits, Google Business Profile can significantly increase your rankings and attract local customers if you make the best use of it. Create a comprehensive profile, and you can showcase vital information about your company, such as contact details, address, opening hours, etc. Showcasing all this information right in front of the users can create a great impact on the viewers and attract local customers in great numbers.


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