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How to Optimize WooCommerce Store for SEO?
Woo-Commerce SEO

How to Optimize WooCommerce Store for SEO?

by | Jun 15, 2022 | WooCommerce

WooCommerce makes it easy to launch a user-friendly and flexible eCommerce store. But to get audiences to your store, you need to nail your WooCommerce SEO in Florida. It helps to find your store on Google. That is why it is crucial to understand the essential parts of SEO. WooCommerce is SEO friendly, but it needs the help of SEO plugins. The right plugins help make the search engine optimizations necessary for ranking your store in Google. Here are a few of the ways that will help you to optimize the WooCommerce store for SEO:

Perform Keyword Research

Before optimizing your store, you need to understand what you are optimizing for. With SEO comes keyword research. It is essential to pick the best phrase to guarantee you get the best return on investment. Many tools will help you to choose the right keywords.

Implement Normal WordPress Settings

Getting your basic WordPress settings right before optimizing WooCommerce SEO is essential. You can install an SEO plugin and fill out the vital details in the plugins. It will also help to set up basic SEO practices.

Optimize Product Description

To have a good ranking of your product pages on Google, it is vital to have good content. If it is a single product page, the quantity of the content depends on the product description. There are two types of narratives that WooCommerce lets you add:

  1. Short description
  2. Long description

Both the descriptions provide pertinent information to the customers and persuade them to make a purchase. It is also crucial to add target and related keywords in the report.

Write Good Product SEO Titles And Meta Descriptions

The product’s SEO title and meta description appear on Google search results. There are two main goals of this two information:

  1. Google will get valuable content on the web page if you include your main focus keywords and other related keywords.
  2. Persuades home visitors to see your store on Google

Improve Your Product URL Slug

The URL slug of a product is vital in feeding Google contextual information.

Optimize Your Product Images

Apart from SEO titles and product descriptions, it is essential to remember product images. There are two primary parts to optimizing your photos, such as:

  1. Filenames
  2. Alt Text

Image Alt Text gives your images Google context. It helps to improve your page and also helps to rank individual product images on Google Image Search. It also makes your website more accessible to customers with the help of screen readers.

Use Categories and Tags

Tags and categories are the two types of tools that help to recognize your products among a million other products. They help customers discover products that are beneficial to them. They also help to rank your tag and category archive pages in Google. Archive pages in Google list all the products with similar tags and categories. Here is the difference between categories and tags:

  1. Categories – They are broader than tags. Categories are also hierarchical.
  2. Tags – They are more specific.

Optimize Your Tags and Category Archives

Once creating the tags and categories, it is essential to optimize them similar to single product pages. Your product category pages are known to be the most valuable pages, so you are bound to give them the best chance possible to achieve a good rank.

Add Structured Data to Rich Snippets

Structured data, also known as Schema data, is behind-the-scenes data. You can easily add that to your site to help search engines understand your content better. Structured data is also beneficial in getting rich snippets in Google’s search results. Following are the rich snippets that help to add extra snippets to the search results page, including:

  1. Number of reviews
  2. Ratings
  3. Stock status
  4. Price information

Though structured data and rich snippets are not dependent on ranking your SEO, they tend to make any eCommerce site more eye-catching. It helps in boosting the organic CTR. This makes structured data an essential part of a WooCommerce SEO strategy.

Add breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are beneficial in improving user experience and ranking your store. SEO makes it easier for Google to understand your store. Breadcrumbs in the search results help to optimize your store in search results. WooCommerce has its breadcrumbs.

Use re1=” Canonical”

WooCommerce itself creates a lot of duplicate content. To fix this, you add a canonical tag. It tells Google which page contains original content.

Speed Up WooCommerce

Google uses page speed in both mobile and desktop search results as the ranking factor.


To grow your eCommerce website, getting your WooCommerce SEO right is essential. By following the tips, you should achieve a better ranking score.


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