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The Importance of Local SEO Marketing in Today’s Online World
Importance of Digital Marketing and Local SEO

The Importance of Local SEO Marketing in Today’s Online World

by | Nov 7, 2022 | Digital Marketing | 0 comments

Are you aware of local SEO marketing?

If you are struggling to reach your targeted audience in the business world, you must know about the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There are two types of SEO – Regular SEO and Local SEO. As globalization has dramatically impacted the e-commerce sector, several companies have initiated their journey toward success by selling their products to local customers. The yellow pages might have been a necessity once, but online search engines have taken over the business sector lately. For this reason, local SEO has become one of the core factors to business success, irrespective of the company’s location and size. Markethix is a top-rated digital marketing company that impresses its customers with the best Local SEO Marketing in Florida under the supervision of digital marketing experts who hold years of experience and skill. The blog will explain what local SEO is and how it’s crucial in today’s digital marketing world.


What is Local SEO?


In today’s digital era, Search Engine Optimization has become an integral part of business marketing. Optimizing your content for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo can help your website rank high in the search results, allowing consumers to visit your company site and consult your brand easily.


If you are a local company owner, you must take advantage of the opportunity to use search engine optimization strategies in your favor. Local SEO is a simple yet effective business strategy that helps improve search results of a specific regional or geographical area. Local search engine optimization can bridge the distance between your company surviving and thriving if your business targets online and offline customers within a particular location. Technical SEO Florida is equally important in digital marketing strategies to drive high traffic and visibility. According to data, Google alone runs around 8 billion searches every day, but more importantly, customers looking for local products and services make up 50% of the searches. Therefore, you might miss out on the most valuable online traffic if you do not deploy a proper regional SEO strategy for your business.


Local SEO is essential for digital companies looking for more and more traffic. Even a few decades back, consumers might have searched for local businesses on the map. These days, customers prefer using search engines to find contact information, location, time, and other essential details about a company. The mission of Google is to deliver searchers the best possible answer for any query. When the algorithms identify that the customer’s target is local and that the person is looking for a product or service in the location, the mapped results will appear on the first page of the results. Google has set specific guidelines for local SEO; the most vital among these is putting up your business on Google. The instructions are essential to boost visibility on the map and avoid any suspension. Ways Local SEO Leverages the Digital Marketing Techniques for a Higher Rank


1. Targeting local business SEO keyword
2. Google Business Profile or Google My Business Optimization
3. Link Building
4. Local Search Citations
5. Local SEO Content Marketing
6. Onpage SEO
7. Online Reputation Management


Markethix begins with your brand’s local search optimization and establishes your brand before the appropriate audience to attribute your brand with a sharp competitive edge, to thrive in the brand’s service location.


Significance of Local SEO In Today’s Business World


Business owners and marketers use a wide array of options to enhance their online visibility through local SEO. Are you looking to improve the ranking of your brand or boost conversions and sales?


If the business does not rank high on search engine results, the conversion rate will naturally be low. For most companies, there is a close interconnection between ranking and conversion. A prominent Technical SEO Florida strategy features relevance and effectiveness as well. As a brand owner, you must update your company’s Google Business Profile to attract more customers. Local SEO is easier to track, has excellent GMB (Google My Business) results, and has a high website and foot traffic.


In the below section, we will mention a few research data showing how important local businesses are:


1. 76% of the people who run local searches on their smartphones visit the business store within 24 hours, and around 30% of the searches turn into conversions.
2. According to Google, 30% of the searches are dependent on location.
3. A recent SEO survey has found that around 80% of consumers go through online reviews for businesses during a local search.
4. ⅓ of the in-store buyers perform a search before arriving at the store in person, and they search for data like the closest store near them, the stock, and other locational information.
5. More than 50% of internet users across the globe use a mobile device for their local searches.


Data Source: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/


How Does Google Set Local Ranking?


Google maintains its organic search ranking algorithms a secret but is more open about what it takes to rank on local results.


The three major categories of local ranking factors are:


1. Relevance

Relevance means how well a local business profile aligns with what someone looks for in a local business store.

2. Distance

Distance refers to how far every future search result is from the customers’ location in the search. If a user does not mention the site in their investigation, the engine will calculate the distance based on available information.

3. Prominence

Prominence implies how well Google knows about the business. It is the most complex local search engine ranking factor category, as search algorithms incorporate offline reputation into the equation.


How to Enhance Your Local Search Presence?


Local search is an important channel for businesses that serve local customers, franchises, retail chains, financial service brands, service providers, etc. Ways to boost your online search presence on the local level include:


1. Develop a groundbreaking regional SEO strategy.
2. Analyze the competition in local search results.
3. Leverage customer reviews and ratings.
4. Use Local SEO and listing management tools to save time and boost your performance.
5. GBP (Google Business Profile) Listing Optimization
6. Find the best local business opportunities.


At Markethix, the professionals know that each brand is unique. Every business has different objectives, audiences, and budgets. The experts at Local SEO Marketing Florida customize your local search engine optimization plan depending on the number of business locations. Without a powerful local business SEO, you might miss out on necessary leads, traffic, and sales opportunities. You can consult our professionals yourself for more information and updates.


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