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Top Questions to Ask a Law Firm SEO Service Provider
Top Questions to Ask a Law Firm SEO Service Provider- Markethix

Top Questions to Ask a Law Firm SEO Service Provider

by | Oct 22, 2023 | Digital Marketing Agency in Florida | 0 comments

Law firms have increased in numbers in recent years in the USA. As of now, in 2023, there are more than 450,000 law firms practicing in the United States. These huge numbers give us a reason why “law firm SEO” has become a popular term in recent years. It’s no wonder that as the number of law firms has increased, so has the demand for trusted SEO for law firms who can provide the firms with high visibility and rankings on the search engines. 

So, if you are a law firm owner and looking for a law firm SEO service provider to handle your website and digital marketing, you will do well if you take the time to research the company and ask them the questions we have discussed here.  

There are several SEO service providers for law firms, and you don’t want to land in the wrong hands with little or no experience. So, ask relevant questions to the firm and verify if they would be the right choice for you. 

If you are looking for expert law firm SEO services in Florida, you can always connect with Markethix – the leading PPC agency in Florida, to handle all your marketing tasks.

What is a Law Firm SEO Company?

A law firm SEO company provides tailored SEO services to law firms to expand their local or global reach. The services comprise quality content creation, local SEO, effective link building, and website optimization. Law firm SEO service providers are highly experienced in promoting, particularly law firms across the United States, and are well versed in the legal domain and know how to cut through the noise of this overly crowded industry. So, choosing a trusted law firm SEO service provider would be a wise choice to handle your tasks for digital marketing in Florida.

What Questions to Ask a Law Firm SEO Company?

As a law firm owner, you might have little to no knowledge of SEO. Even if you don’t, an experienced SEO service provider should be able to explain the basics to you in simple terms. At least they might be able to provide you with an overview of how you are going to benefit from their services. 

Communication is an essential part of hiring a company for your SEO. While discussing initially, take time to notice how keen the agency is about knowing your business and its goals and clients. The fundamental part of an SEO strategy is thorough research on the target audience. So, always notice if the agency you are shortlisting is asking about your clients and whom you want to reach. 

In addition, you also need to inquire about the tracking tools they use. The report that you’ll get about whether your SEO goals were met would be using this tool. So, make sure they use a good one that provides detailed reports. 

If you are unaware of how SEO will help you or which law firm to go with, these questions will help you gain insight into which agency you should choose.

Question #1: Do you follow a specific work process?

You must understand whether the SEO agency you shortlist follows a defined work process or customizes its SEO plans according to its clients. You must choose between these two types based on your end goals. If you want to hire a company with a customized SEO plan, you must have multiple meetings with them to discuss the possibilities of the same. 

Question #2: What makes you different from other SEO service providers?

You’ll find multiple agencies, both small and large, who will offer their services to promote your law firm. However, you must be very careful while choosing one. The best thing to do would be to go with an agency that provides SEO for law firms exclusively. Their expert knowledge about the industry and its requirements and years of experience working with several small, medium, and large law firms will come in handy when you want to promote yours. 

Question #3: Do you adhere to white hat SEO?

Although no service provider doing digital marketing in Florida will openly confess to using black hat SEO, you can ask them about their past success stories and how they achieved that. From that, you might get some hints about the type of SEO work they do. You can also check their testimonials on places such as Google My Business to check what others are saying about the business. 

Question #4: Which SEO tools do you use?

If you want to be sure about the quality of the work the agency does, you must inquire about the SEO tools they use. There are plenty of free tools available in the market that every agency uses. However, the paid ones are more comprehensive and give more detailed reviews and reports. A good PPC agency in Florida must use the best paid tools to optimize its client sites. 

Question 5: How often do you deliver reports?

Ask the law firm SEO service provider about their frequency of delivering updates and reports of the progress. A trusted provider will keep you updated regularly and provide the necessary reports almost daily, with a monthly overall report. 

Also, inquire how the agency keeps track of the progress. If they do that regularly, weekly, or bi-monthly to help you get familiarized with their mode of work. 

Question #6: Will you work with our design/development team?

Most SEO agencies like to work independently. So, it’s always better to inquire about this beforehand. Ask whether they would be comfortable working with your in-house design team and take and give feedback to them. Your in-house team is probably working for you this entire time. So, they know your requirements. Hence, it’s better to work with an agency that will be happy working with your design and development team. 


Asking the above-mentioned questions will help you gain insight into how the law firm SEO company works and whether they would be the suitable agency for you. It’s always better to go with an agency that specializes in providing SEO services for law firms exclusively. However, even if they do provide that, make sure you do proper research on the company and find out how they work, what principles they follow, and how often they will report you. That way, you’ll be able to land with the right agency to do your SEO work.


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