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Using AI in Content Creation: Is It a Good Move?

Using AI in Content Creation: Is It a Good Move?

by | Nov 21, 2023 | digital marketing agency

As AI steps into the world of creating content – blogs, articles, emails, social media, and even images, marketers are excited about its possibilities. In fact, many recent researches show that more than a third of marketers plan to use AI for the sole purpose of content creation. 

With these huge numbers, the question naturally arises: will AI-generated content rule the future? While that cannot be answered right now, what can be said is that while AI-generated content has many advantages, they have some downsides as well. So, marketers move cautiously. Or, if you are a business owner and planning to create content for your website, connect with a digital marketing agency in Miami who will provide you a clear note on how they use AI in content creation if at all they do so.

What is AI Generated Content?

AI-generated content can include marketing materials written by a machine, such as blogs, emails, articles, and product descriptions. A person has to provide the input, such as keywords, topics, etc., and the AI content creator generates content based on that input. 

AI can accelerate the writing process, and businesses are starting to take notice. Marketers can use AI to automate the content generation process, which can sometimes be expensive. 

How Does AI-Generated Content Work?

Generating content using AI requires the user to enter the text format in which the content is needed, along with the topic and keywords. The AI then writes the content based on the information available to it. Some tools can also rewrite a company’s existing content, adding information based on web searches and editing tools. Existing content can be switched to fit a different purpose using these tools. For instance, these AI tools can take information from a blog article and turn it into a social media post. 

Pros of AI-Generated Content

A reliable digital marketing agency in Miami can give you the details about the benefits of AI content. Here are some of the pros. 

Efficiency and Scalability

AI can help you create both long and short content fast. Just give the input, and a brief description of what you want, and the AI can generate content almost immediately. This is probably the biggest benefit of AI content creation. For a human writer, it would take much longer to do the research and write.

When you combine the quick turnaround time with the number of articles, you’ll see that AI can generate a significant amount of content very easily and quickly. There are also options for language localization for various geographic areas, personalizing the content for different people. 


Hiring quality content writers often takes a few hundred dollars per project. Also, you need to find writers with the needed technical knowledge who can deliver the right length at the right time. All this can prove to be money well spent if it results in high-quality content. On the other hand, many AI tools come free, and while some of them can cost money, it’s about $100 for tens of thousands of words. So, AI-generated content can be a cost-effective option for those looking to generate multiple pieces in a short time. 

Improved SEO

AI content generators scroll through thousands of documents to absorb information. While scrolling, they find keywords and include them in the content to improve SEO. The AI tools can also suggest keywords for the content. Using these keywords in the content can help a piece rank higher. 

Help with Research

Writer’s block is a common hurdle that writers face when writing content for topics they know little about. AI tools can create detailed outlines and key points in it to help writers determine what should be there in the content. This can help writers do the necessary research and spark ideas needed to get started. 

Cons of AI-Generated Content

While there are some benefits, the downsides of AI-generated content are many. Here are a few of them. 

Security and Ownership Risks to Confidential Data

AI models are based on deep learning and machine learning, which means that information fed to it may then be available for other viewers to see. If you, for instance, enter your company’s confidential or proprietary information, that information may then be viewed by all who use the same tool. Or worse, depending on the AI company’s policies, that information may be used to train future versions of AI or become the property of the AI. A trusted SEO company in Miami should keep this factor in mind and always be careful of the inputs into an AI tool. 

Lack of Ownership Content

Right now, the US copyright and intellectual property laws only protect creations by humans. The laws do not protect creations by AI because non-humans can’t hold a copyright. 

Potential Copyright Infringement

Creating content using an AI tool that was fed information from the internet can pose significant plagiarism and infringement risks. 


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