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5 Proven Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Shopify Store
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5 Proven Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Shopify Store

by | Oct 17, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Shopify SEO | 1 comment

It is an accomplishment to initiate a new eCommerce business venture on Shopify. However, you need to implement proven methods to drive more sales to the platform; otherwise, the sales might fall on its face despite providing quality products. The fewer the visitors are, the lower the sales rate will be.

In recent times, Smart insights recently reported that the average visitor conversion rate for the best 100 online retailers is around 3 percent. In brief, not even 3 percent of the audiences purchase products or services for every 100 visitors that the eCommerce companies had. In this context, as an online retailer, you must improve your strategies to bring visitors to your store. The more traffic you will have for your sales, the higher the sales rate will be. The Shopify digital marketing agencies will help you to deal with the matter efficiently. We, at Markethix have rounded up the five most proven techniques to drive more traffic to your online store.

5 Most Effective Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Shopify Store

1.   Optimize Your Shopify Store for Search Engine Traffic

Before your prospective customers know about your online store or brand by name, they will use search engines to look for the products they want. It is advisable to use Shopify SEO Florida

to present your website before the users while they search for the products your business deals with. It initiates the process of making your online store more explorable to search engines and understanding the interests of your targeted audiences. Keywords are the main search terms individuals use on search engines and support the entire process. It is best to incorporate the keywords in the product titles, product descriptions, additional content, alt tags and images. Therefore, you need to use the keywords to boost your brand’s visibility on search engines.

2.   Leverage Robust Content Marketing

Content marketing allows your store to drag search results across products and brand keywords. The content and product descriptions help retailers attract visitors to Shopify sites. Simple and precise content offers audiences a clear idea of the products. You can use keyword tools, enter the primary keywords, and understand which words and phrases are of the optimum value. Incorporating keywords, phrases, images, videos, guidebooks, ebooks, and podcasts with high search volume enhances the searchability of the brand site. You can include a content box at the bottom of the category page and write engaging content to grab the users’ attention.

3.   Use Influencer Marketing on Social Media

Influencer blogs help you boost website traffic. The simplest way to present your product or shop before the targeted audience via social media platforms is to begin with an influencer marketing campaign. Not only does an influencer with an ample number of highly engaging followers enhance brand awareness and traffic, but it also boosts the average order value. First, you must understand how the influencer will impact your marketing strategy. You might opt for cold outreach or professional influencers, depending on the current requirement. Facebook and Instagram have already enabled your potential audience to be familiar with the brand, and when an influencer recommends your brand, it becomes more popular among the users. Shopify digital marketing agencies help you to proceed in the course in a more effortless manner.

4.   Create Guest Posts for Websites

Search engines support websites with healthy backlink profiles. It implies that the websites on top of the search engine results pages are most likely to have a lot of other linked websites. If your Shopify store sells products within a specific industry, you might need to write guest posts for websites. You may visit the most popular blogs within your niche to see whether they accept guest contributors if you like to drive a wider reach.

5.   Create Excitement with Giveaways and Contests

You can quickly drive more traffic using giveaways, contests, and sweepstakes by offering exciting prizes to customers in exchange for their participation. Rewards work the best to attract existing as well as new customers to visit your store in real life. The contests implement social sharing as a method of entry, giving the contests a higher chance of spreading around social platforms. Once your participants arrive at your store, you can apply different techniques to guide them to the products.

To Conclude,

Google AdWords suggests practical ways to reach your targeted audience as they enable you to place your website directly before the audience. If you understand your audience’s preferences, you can create the most powerful content to attract users. You can consult the experts at Markethix, one of the leading Shopify digital marketing agencies, for further guidance and suggestions.

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