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Unlocking Success: How to Target B2B Wholesalers in the Vape Industry

Unlocking Success: How to Target B2B Wholesalers in the Vape Industry

by | Jun 10, 2023 | Digital Marketing | 0 comments

B2B (Business-to-Business) wholesalers are vital in streamlining products from manufacturers to consumers. They bridge the supply chain in most industrial sectors, purchasing products from manufacturers and selling them in bulk to retailers and other brands. According to IBISWorld, the B2B wholesale business sector in the U.S. generated $11.4 trillion in 2022, and according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, it has employed 6 million people.


Data source: https://www.netsuite.com/


In recent times, smoke and vape shops are popping up worldwide as consumers started to choose tobacco-free products. As the vape industry is growing; its popularity, you will experience roadblocks when it comes to running the business. Since its emergence, vaping has become widely popular globally, but not without controversy. The vape industry has experienced a boom in recent years; and will grow further. Last year, the vaping and e-cigarette industry surpassed an astounding amount of 43 billion dollars. Despite the popularity, significant hurdles appeared on the way when it came to marketing your vape shop. Some obstacles are strict regulations, limitations in using major platforms, and constantly changing laws.


Well! You don’t have to deal with the marketing part alone. Our expert team at Markethix, a leading digital marketing agency with bags full of innovative ideas and the most dynamic digital marketing strategies, are here to feature your brand with a sharp competitive edge in this highly-rising marketplace.

Take a reading tour through the following info so; you can target the B2B wholesalers in the vape industry and unlock your business potential with the most maverick digital marketing plans. The time has come to go digital.


Ways to Address B2B Wholesale in the Vaping Industry


1. Your brand needs a well-organized website


Currently, wholesale business does not only happen online through word of mouth or calls, but it exists online. According to some prominent research, eCommerce sales have heightened by 44% in the previous year. Before a wholesaler designs a successful marketing plan, the business must create an optimized commercial website. The core focus should be on creating a streamlined search and checkout process so B2B buyers can find products without the hassle and pay for them quickly. More than actively deterring sales, search engine optimization helps bring in B2B wholesalers organically from search engines like Google.


2. Define your Brand Message


If you fail to project your brand rightly in front of the audience, it can sink your brand value. Confusing brand campaigns and professional misconduct might bring the brand’s stature down, affecting its potential in the long run. USP and a consistent brand message must be at the core of every wholesale business marketing plan. It can be something simple, but it must carry the consistency.


3. Leverage Content Marketing & Search Engine Optimization


A B2B wholesaler has customers who buy products in bulk, and then you know well what kind of customers you have. Content marketing uses search engine optimization strategies to circulate your content in front of your targeted wholesalers. If you have key market statistics, you might have an infographic to display the numbers, showing the problems customers are facing and framing blog articles addressing their concerns. In such a case, an SEO expert from a top-rated digital marketing agency creates the magic by bringing your content ranking to the top of the search engines like Google. Information and insight are two key mediums that will help you address the wholesalers seamlessly.


4. Running Paid Campaigns


All forms of marketing are not free. You first have to spend an amount of money to earn more. Running paid advertisements is a brilliant idea to amplify your marketing capital, but the main challenge lies in how to fix the right channel to target the wholesalers. More than half of the world that leverages search engines prefer Google over any other platform. There are different other channels to advertise on, including the social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, but while targeting the B2B dealers, LinkedIn is the most preferred platform. A recent study has shown that LinkedIn is the marketing platform with a 33% increase in purchase intent which is not even half of what wholesalers can do with LinkedIn.


Data Source: https://www.linkedin.com/


5. Remaining Up-to-Date


In the era of hard-hitting competitions, vape and cannabis trade shows, vape business conferences, different types of affairs, vape suppliers visit. You don’t need to attend every event, but being present in large matters where a considerable number of people congregate, can contribute to your sales. It is to make sure about the place is legal for different types of vapour sales and others, or else you might end up in jail. Consult an experienced and reputed digital marketing agency to bring you out of all the confusion and obstacle and establish your business at the top position in the industry.


To sum up,


If you intend to buy wholesale vape or cannabis products to stock your inventory or are planning to begin a new shop, Markethix has everything to meet your business needs. Our team of experts with experience and insight help you address the wholesaler in the vape industry and expand your business in the vape world. If you are ready to grow, connect with us today. We are here to help you!


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