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CBD SEO: How to Build a Successful Marketing Strategy for CBD Business
CBD SEO How to Build a Successful Marketing Strategy for CBD Business- Markethix

CBD SEO: How to Build a Successful Marketing Strategy for CBD Business

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The cannabis industry has seen unprecedented growth in the last decade. This boom in the cannabis industry is attributed to CBD, the yet lesser-known compound from the cannabis plant. Earlier, all the noise was for THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis. However, recent scientific research has gathered enough information and generated enough curiosity about CBD or cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive compound of cannabis. 

The CBD market is growing at an exponential rate. The product appeals to people of every age and even to pets. So, if you think you can tap into the growing potential of the market and earn a fortune with your CBD business, you are on the right track. However, you need the right CBD marketing strategy and always be aware of the laws and restrictions to promote your business up in the rankings. 

If you want to improve rankings for your CBD business, you are in the right place. Here, we will share some invaluable tactics and tips to market your CBD business the right way. 

You can also always connect with us at Markethix – the leading digital marketing agency in Florida, to promote your CBD business as we have done for many other brands and are experts in doing that. 

What is CBD Marketing?

CBD marketing is devising and implementing a marketing strategy to attract potential customers to your CBD business and buy your products lawfully. It includes targeting the likely customers with content rich in information about CBD and thus attracting them toward your business. It can also have a lot of other different types of approaches, like with every other type of marketing, and we will discuss them in this post.

Benefits of CBD Marketing

CBD marketing promotes your brand in the same way any other type of marketing does. But with targeted advertising, a good strategy will attract more quality leads and attract more potential customers. CBD is already being marketed in various online channels, and it’s gradually getting a crowded place. A quality CBD marketing strategy should be able to:

  • Make your brand stand out
  • Find you new customers
  • Help you retain customers
  • Differentiate your brand
  • Generate better leads

CBD Marketing Solutions

A reputed digital marketing agency in Florida can devise the correct marketing strategy for your CBD business. CBD marketing can be done using one or more of the following strategies:


CBD SEO focuses on drawing organic traffic to your website. This is a great thing to do, particularly since CBD advertisements are restricted both on Google and Facebook. It will make use of incorporating high-volume keywords and phrases throughout blog posts, product descriptions, online content, and other places. It will also involve generating high-quality backlinks and including quality content to drive leads.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing does very well for CBD businesses. This is because CBD influencers already have a set of related followers, and through the influencer, you can tap into his followers with your product. Just keep in mind that the influencer must clearly state their relationship with your product. 

Content Marketing

Content – text, video, audio, or any other form must be prioritized, not only to educate your customers but also to bring your business and its offerings to their attention. Creating SEO-optimized blogs and other types of content and posting regularly on your website and other channels is a good practice to bring your business up in its rankings. 

Affiliate Marketing

When you hire an affiliate marketer, they will do the work of spreading the word about your business for you. Affiliate marketing is another easy yet fast and efficient way to promote your brand as an alternative form of “word of mouth” marketing in the online world. 

Email Marketing

You can easily get in touch with the right people with email marketing. It remains one of the most effective forms of marketing, and even in this world of social media, emails are still the best way to reach individuals (probably decision markers) and not the audience in general. In addition, a coupon or an offer is an excellent way to get the word out about your new products and build strong customer relationships. 

Mistakes to Avoid in CBD Marketing

When it comes to marketing, CBD has a lot of restrictions. So, you must exercise caution and stay updated with the recent rules and regulations as a leading SEO company in Florida does pertaining to CBD and the best practices to promote CBD products. 

Anything not approved by FDA

CBD products are regulated by the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act). The FDA has stated that it’s illegal to add CBD to dietary supplements, food, and pet foods. Thus, refrain from such acts and do not promote such products that violate the FDA regulations. 

Medical claims

CBD has gained increasing popularity as a magic cannabinoid with the ability to heal a range of health conditions, such as anxiety, epilepsy, etc. However, you must not include such claims in your marketing. FDA, as mentioned, does not approve this and will likely take down your campaign immediately, which can even affect your website and its ranking. 

Unsupported claims

Although CBD has many potential benefits, it’s illegal to advise CBD to treat specific health conditions. Avoid claims that have no proof in your marketing campaign.


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